Tipos de selfies

Types of selfie

We use the word ‘selfie’ a lot, and we take a many every day. But not every picture we take about ourselves are really selfies. You may be doing something different but you have not realised yet. Do you want to know what it could be?

Have a look at the different kinds there are:


This is the combination of ” Bottom” + “selfie”. Belfies are pictures that focus all the attention on our bottom. Females tend to take them more often, but a masculine #belfie is not a bad thing either.


#Usie or #Multiselfie

This is a picture where somebody is taking a picture of a big group. #Usie derives from “us”. You can also take a #multiselfie with your friends.



The name says it all. The central characters of these pictures are your legs. You can take pictures as nice as these:



If what you like is going to the gym, your hashtag is #Welfie, from ‘wellness’. This tag groups people taking pictures of themselves exercising in the gym or showing their muscles, depending on what you prefer.



With #Hairfie you can show the world your new haircut or hairstyle change. Upload a picture with this hashtag if you want people to become interested in your new look.



Your bed is not just your intimate place for thinking things over and resting, but a great setting for pictures. It seems like people now go to bed with their make-up on.

You guessed it: this are #Bedfies.



Holding your phone while drinking used to be a bad idea, but not anymore. You can now take a #Drelfie when partying. Turning off the phone while partying may not be such a bad idea after all, don’t you think?