What to do if you are an advertiser?

Sign up, create your first campaign and measure its performance with real-time analytics

Control panel


Once you have signed up and are logged in as an advertiser, you will access the main panel. This panel consists of the following:

  • Panel Menu
    It is located on the header, right under the web navigation menu. It includes the following options:
    • My Dashboard: A summary of your campaigns with the most relevant data (name, status, network, total reach, messages published, messages for the gatekeeper, start and end dates, total allocated budget, percentage of the budget used, and possible operations to make).
    • Affiliates: Information about the influencers that sign up with your URL. You will earn 5% of their generated income, which can be spent on new campaigns.
    • New Campaign: Click on this option when you are ready to launch a new campaign.
    • Add balance: Click on this menu item to add balance to your account specifying the amount and the method of payment:
      Bank transfer
      Credit card

List of campaigns created

In this chart, under the advertiser's panel, you will see the campaigns that have been created. Here you will find a brief description of some of the items in the chart:

  • Status of the campaign
    A campaign that has been created but is pending confirmation. It is subject to modifications.
    Pending confirmation:
    The campaign has been sent to SocialPubli’s team to be approved and launched. Once confirmed, it will not be possible to make any more changes.
    The campaign is active. Either the advertiser or SocialPubli (depending on the customer’s preference) may now act as gatekeepers for incoming messages.
    Campaign that has had to be paused and the participation of influencers temporarily halted.
    The campaign has reached its end date (which can be extended if necessary).
    The campaign was not approved for launch by SocialPubli.
  • Network
    Social network where the campaign takes place.
  • Campaign name
    Name chosen by the advertiser for a specific campaign on the platform. It is recommended to use different names in order to easily identify and distinguish between campaigns that have the same general topic.
  • Economic data about the campaign

    General campaign information

    • Total reach: Campaign’s accumulated reach reported in real time.
    • Messages: Messages that have been approved and published as part of the campaign.
    • Gatekeeping: Messages pending review to be published or rejected.
    • Campaign's start and end date: Dates selected by the advertiser to kick off and end the campaign.
    • Actions: You can activate, pause and edit a specific campaign. You can only edit the campaign while it is not active. Once you activate it, you cannot make any more changes.

    Economic information about the campaign

    • Budget: Investment allocated for the campaign.
    • Consumed: How much of the allocated budget has been spent.

Create a campaign

  • Start creating campaigns
    Click on “create a new campaign” to create a campaign easily and intuitively.


Customize your campaign in four steps.

  • Campaign information
    • Campaign name
    • Campaign description
    • Hashtag: Specify a hashtag that influencers must include in their publications.
    • Link:The URL that influencers must include in their publications.
    • Mention: Indicate if influencers should tag a specific user in their messages.
    • Example: Sample message to guide influencers and show them what you are looking for in each specific campaign.
    • Message gatekeeping: Specify if you want messages to be moderated and pre-approved before they are published.
  • Sociodemographic data
    Campaign preferences.
    • Target of the campaign: Selection of the kind of influencers that can participate in your campaign based on the area(s) of interest they specify in their profiles.
    • Gender: Specify if the campaign is exclusively targeted to men or women. You may also include characters, companies, media or other profiles.
    • Age: Indicate the age range for the influencers who will participate in the campaign.
    • Location: Specify the location where you want to carry out your campaign. You may segment by country, region or city.
  • Influence
    Use the preferences you selected for your new campaign to calculate data like the potential reach and number of tweets.
    • Reach: Maximum reach of the publications, i.e. how many people would see your campaign.
    • Tweets: Maximum number of tweets that could be published based on how many influencers can participate in your campaign.
  • Economic figures
    Data about the price and start and end dates of the campaign.
    • Modify budget: Adjust the investment you are willing to make to reach a certain number of influencers. The maximum amount is calculated by estimating the total number of influencers your campaign could potentially reach.
    • Start date and time: Date and time when the campaign will be launched and influencers can start publishing.
    • End date and time: Date and time when the campaign will no longer be available to influencers.
  • Confirmation
    On this page, you will see a summary of the campaign you just created, including some of the main specifications: budget, description, classification of the influencers who will be invited, start and end date, etc.
    • Confirm: If all of the information provided is correct, click on “Confirm” to submit the campaign to SocialPubli’s team for approval. Please note that once you confirm a campaign, you can no longer edit it.
    • Save:Leave your campaign as a draft on your advertiser’s panel so that you can return to edit it later.

Monitoring Campaigns

Participation of influencers in a campaign

The advertiser’s panel shows a grid with information about all of your campaigns.

  • Access data to track influencers’ participation and the development of each campaign
    As we mentioned before, if you go to “My Dashboard” you will see a list of all of the campaigns you have created with data for each one.
  • Campaign information
    Track the development of the campaign by accessing important data, such as number of messages published, quotas of gender and age that have participated, paid and organic reach, total clicks for the publication, etc.
  • Actions
    Advertisers can download, copy, print or export the statistics in CSV format.
  • Information about influencers
    Access all of the messages (published or pending review) of the influencers participating in your campaign. You will see the following information:
    - Name of the social network account they are using to participate.
    - The message they wrote according to the campaign’s requirements.
    - Publication date.
    - Reach, likes and other data relative to the effect of the publication.
    - The price paid to the influencer for the message.
    - The status of the publication (published, scheduled... etc.).
  • Messages pending approval
    As an advertiser, you can check the messages of the influencers who want to participate in your campaign. This will give you the option to publish or reject the content of the collaboration.
    • Access:You can access the campaign to see how many publications are pending your approval by clicking on the name of the campaign or by clicking on the number of messages left on the chart.
    • Approval and rejection buttons:Messages pending approval will be highlighted in the campaign’s detail page. You can publish or reject them manually using the buttons on the last column.

Campaign statistics

View graphs and charts showing the activity and impressions of your campaign, the top frequently used words on the messages related to your campaign and the influencers with most followers who have participated on it.


Budget Control Panel

View your available funds and recharge your account if you wish. This page contains:

  • Current balance
    Available funds to invest in campaigns.
  • Pending funds
    Funds pending your approval to be added.
  • Add funds
    You can add credit to your account via PayPal, a bank transfer or a credit card.
  • Pending funds
    Decide whether you want to replenish the credit or if you want to cancel it.