Cookies policy

Cookies are small files that webpages store in the browser of the visitor. They are necessary to provide web browsing with a lot of advantages when delivering interactive services.

Read the following information about the types of cookies to better understand how they work:

Session cookies: these are temporary cookies that are stored in your computer until the user has left the website that require them. Cookies do not remain in the user’s hard disk. The information obtained with these cookies make possible the operations with each of the users that access the website simultaneously.

Persistent cookies: these cookies remain stored in your computer after the user has left the webpage. When the user enters this webpage at a later moment, the cookie will remind the webpage the information necessary to browse the web (accessing the service directly without needing to log in again) or for delivering a commercial service (like offering products or services related to previous visits).

The cookies exchanged when browsing a web can be:

First-party cookies: these are cookies generated by the webpage that the user is visiting.

Third-party cookies: these are cookies generated by a third-party service that is hosted in the webpage. An example of this would be the cookies generated by advertisements or banners placed within the webpage we are visiting. Another third-party cookie example would be that generated by a visits counter that has been incorporated to the webpage we are visiting.

Cookies may be used for the following purposes:

Technical uses: Cookies are necessary for the webpage to work properly. They are also known as strictly necessary cookies. These cookies control traffic from the server to multiple users at once, including identification and access control as a system user, etc.

Customization: Cookies enable users to customize aspects such as the language of the webpage, visualization formats, etc.

Analysis or performance: This calculates the visits to the web and analyses the browsing criteria to the different sections of the web.

Advertising: They implement efficiency parameters in the advertising displayed by the webpages.

Behavioural advertising: They implement efficiency parameters in the advertising displayed by the webpages based on information about the users’ behaviour within the site.

In SocialPubli we use own cookies of the following types:
• Strictly necessary cookies
• Customization
• Analysis

Strictly necessary cookies:

Strictly necessary cookies allow users to browse the webpage and use basic functions. These cookies do not store any information regarding your browsing behaviour that might be used for marketing actions nor to remember what pages you have visited.

In SocialPubli we use strictly necessary cookies for the following purposes:

• Keeping the session in course with the users after they have accessed the service and allow them to browse the webpages that are exclusive for SocialPubli users.

It is necessary to accept cookies to use the webpage. If you delete the cookies from your device, we cannot guarantee that the webpage will work correctly during your visit.

Here you have a list of cookies defined as “strictly necessary”.

Cookie Provider
PHPSESSID: It is stored for 1 day. Session cookie. User session SocialPubli 
spdsh: It is stored for 1 days. Session cookie. User session SocialPubli 
d_login_advertiser: It is stored for 30 days. Session cookie. User session SocialPubli 
d_login_user: It is stored for 30 days. Session cookie. User session SocialPubli 

Customization cookies:

Customization cookies store users’ preferences so that the webpage behaves in the exact same way in successive visits from the same user.

In SocialPubli we use customization cookies for the following purposes:

• Display always the same language in which the webpage is being viewed.
• Remember whether a user has accepted the cookies policy and display a notification if otherwise.

It is not strictly necessary to accept these cookies, but it is convenient to do so for a more productive browsing experience while navigating the webpage.

Here you have a list of cookies defined as "customization”.

Cookie Provider
cookie_notice_accepted: It is stored up to 30 days. The cookies message will not be displayed after the terms and conditions have been accepted.  Socialpubli 

Analysis cookies:

Analysis cookies contain statistical information about the visits that arrive to each of the different sections of the web. This information helps us understand how users navigate the web and which pages they visit more and less frequently. These cookies do not collect any information that could identify you. All the information compiled is anonymous and is only used for improving the functionality and quality of the information we offer.

In SocialPubli we use analysis cookies for:

• Getting statistics about the web’s use.

In SocialPubli we use the following analysis cookies:

Cookie Provider
_utma (persistent) 
_utmb (session)
_utmc (30 minutes)
_utmz (6 months)
_ga (6 months)
_gat (6 months)
 SocialPubli for Google Analytics 

How to delete cookies:

If you want to delete the cookies saved by SocialPubli, here you can learn more about how to delete them from different browsers:

Internet Explorer:
Google Chrome:
Safari: Go to Safari > Preferences. Under Privacy, go to Details. Select the website that is storing the cookies and click on Delete, or click Delete All to delete all the cookies.

Other: In general terms, you can delete cookies from your browser Preferences or Settings menu under the Privacy section. There you will see options to manage cookies and other data stored from websites you visit. You can also configure your browser and edit its behaviour when handling cookies.