What to do if you are an influencer?


Control panel


When you log into your influencer profile you will see the main panel. This panel is divided into several sections that are described below:

  • Panel menu
    It is located on the header, under the website’s navigation menu. You will see the following sections:
    • My Dashboard: This is where you will see all of the campaigns that match your profile, the notifications that your account has received and the money you have earned so far. You will see all of this information at a glance.
    • Affiliates: You can also earn money with our rewards program! In this section, you will be able to access and share your URL on your social networks to invite friends to join SocialPubli.com. You will also see how many of your friends have signed up.
    • My social networks: This is where you can add your social network profiles to participate in campaigns that require a profile like yours.
    • My Income: See your total earnings from the campaigns you have participated in, i.e. the revenue that you have accumulated in your account since the last time SocialPubli.com paid you.
  • Notifications
    • Messages sent by SocialPubli.com to inform you about activities related to your account.
    • Welcome messages, new campaigns that match your interests, status of your social media posts, etc.


This section provides a simple summary of the campaigns associated to your account.

  • Status
    This is the first column of the grid. There are four possible statuses:
    • Participating: A green affirmative icon indicates that you have already participated in the campaign. It confirms that the content has been sent correctly.
    • Participate: There is a yellow button with the word PARTICIPATE. You can participate in this campaign by clicking on this button.
    • Gatekeeping: These are publications that are pending the revision and approval of the advertiser.
    • Queued: These are publications that are pending confirmation. They will remain in this status until they are published on your social network.
  • Information about the campaign
    • Network: Social network where the campaign takes place.
    • Campaign name: Name that the advertiser has chosen for the campaign.
    • Price: Amount the influencer will earn for participating in the campaign.

Participate in Campaigns

Participate in a campaign

Click on PARTICIPATE and you will access a screen where you can participate in the selected campaign as an influencer.

This screen includes the following elements:

  • Write the message
    You will see a text box where you have to write the message for the campaign, including the hashtag, links and/or the account indicated by the advertiser.
  • Sample Message
    • In the upper right-hand corner, you will see the sample message provided by the advertiser to help you understand what they are looking for.
    • You will only be able to access this section if you have selected a campaign that is active at that time.
  • Criteria
    A blue box will appear containing the essential information to be included in the message. Once you draft your message and press “Send”, an approval or denial message will come up, stating whether your content has been accepted or denied. Your message can be denied for any of the following reasons:
    • It does not include all of the requested elements (hashtag, link, or account mention).
    • The text you have entered is too short or too long.
    • The campaign is no longer active.
    • The message is exactly the same as the sample copy provided by the advertiser.
  • Actions
    • The “Cancel” button closes the window without any changes being implemented.
    • The “Try” button will check if all of the criteria to publish the message have been met (hashtag, URL, length, account mention, etc.). If the content is correct, it will send an approval message to “Status”; if not, it will deliver an error message indicating what is wrong.
    • The “Send” button will submit the message. You will then be redirected to the influencer’s panel.


Check your income

  • Check your income option on the menu
    When you click on “My Income” you will see a total of your recently accumulated earnings as well as a summary of all of your invoices and earnings to date.