Your principal brand ambassadors are your employees

Discover all the opportunities behind this employee advocacy tool.

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At SocialPubli Adovacy, we know that the greatest asset of a company is its ambassadors, therefore, we've developed a tool that facilitates the process of brand ambassadors for companies: a platform that unites employees and brands to improve both internal and external community and generate incentives.

Brands that trust in us

How does SocialPubli Advocacy work?

SocialPubli Advocacy is a platform that transforms your collaborators into spokespeople for your brand. Discover the gamification system that incentivizes your employees, parnters, or influencers to share daily news and advances of your company in a natural way. With this, you will be able to improve your visibility on social networks, understanding of your company culture, and the positive experience of your stakeholders

Through this news diffusion, your collaborators will gain points which will turn into rewards. The final result is a win-win

Can you imagine the reach of your communications with the help of your collaborators?

Take control!

As affirmed by the charismatic Charline Li, nothing and nobody can hide from social networks. This new communication has contributed to the highest levels of transparency. SocialAdvocacy will be a great ally to share and amplify this sense of belonging and job well done

Communication metrics in real time

You'll have a moderation panel thorugh which...
  • You'll be able to approve or reject the messages of your collaborators
  • You'll control the time limits of publications
  • You'll be able to see in real time how social networks distribute your content through your best subscribers, your trusted people
  • You'll be able to see all types of social metrics: retweets, likes, replies, visualizations, reads,
Whatever you can measure will be in your reach

Convert your communication into a game

  • Prizes and rewards to your ambassadors and influencers
  • You'll be able to form internal teams of employees for all your campaigns
  • Rankings, point systems, and maximum motivation!