Turn your employees into your main brand ambassadors

What is Advocacy for?

Improve your company's growth and success

Advocacy by SocialPubli allows you to apply Employee Advocacy strategies to turn your employees into your best brand ambassadors.

In this way, you promote your company's products and services in an authentic and credible way, in addition to encouraging employee engagement through rewards within your organisation.

Benefits of Employee Advocacy

  • It increases the credibility and trustworthiness of your company, as employees are perceived as credible and reliable people.
  • It extends your social media reach by turning employees into brand advocates and leveraging their network of contacts and followers.
  • Improved employee engagement and job satisfaction. Thanks to rewards, their emotional connection to the organisation is strengthened.
  • Leads and sales are generated. Personal recommendations and testimonials have a significant impact on customers' purchasing decisions.
  • Brand reputation is strengthened when employees speak positively about the company in their personal and professional environment.

How does Advocacy work?

We use a gamification system in which you will encourage your employees, partners or influencers to share your company's day-to-day progress in a natural way.

Turn your brand's external and internal communication into a game

  • Participation will be converted into points redeemable for rewards and prizes.
  • You will be able to form internal teams of employees for all your campaigns.
  • In addition, you can create rankings and other systems that boost the motivation of your employees to the maximum!