Boost your branded content and connect with your consumers.

What is Boost?

Boost is the best tool to enhance your brand's content. Thanks to the presence of influencers on digital platforms, you will connect with your consumers in a more natural and closer way.

By using Boost, you will work with influencers with the same values and ideals as your brand. They will promote your content through paid ads on their digital profiles.

What is Boost for?

With SocialPubli Boost, you will increase your brand's content thanks to the presence of influencers on digital platforms. In addition, you will connect with your consumers in a more natural and closer way.

  • Work with influencers who connect with your brand. Work with influencers on Tiktok, Facebook or Instagram with whom you can promote content through paid ads.
  • Create campaigns. Through the SocialPubli Boost assistant you will be able to launch campaigns on Tiktok, Facebook and Instagram platforms segmented to your target audience and with the budget you choose.
  • Keep track of your campaign! From your boost dashboard, you will be able to keep track of the publications that are being promoted and review the statistics, in order to evaluate how the Ads campaign is performing.

How to create a Boost campaign?

Creating campaigns with NewBoost is easy!

Through the SocialPubli Boost assistant, you can launch campaigns on TikTok, Facebook or Instagram.

You will decide the budget, duration and type of bidding for the campaign.

In addition, you will choose the socio-demographic audience the influencer will target and the format of the content. For example, on Instagram the ad could appear in the Explore section, as a Story or in the Feed itself.

If you have any doubts, don't worry. One of our commercial agents will help you through the whole process.