Campaigns with Influencers In Linkedin

Create campaigns with the best professionals for your brand

LinkedIn is known for their high quality professional content and business. Users in Linkedin are focused on networking and professional development, which is perfect to promote products or services B2B.

Also Influencers in Linkedin are usually leaders in their industries, lending credibility and trust to their recommendations. Its content focuses on topics of professional growth, leadership and specialized knowledge.

How to make Linkedin campaigns in SocialPubli

How to create an account as a advertiser in SocialPubli

On your profile, you can add the funds that you want to assign to your marketing campaign with Linkedin influencers.

Additionally, you can choose whether to pay by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.

Organize your campaign in Linkedin according to your preferences

First of all, click the Create Campaign button on the home page, and then choose the LinkedIn icon.

The next step is to complete the campaign information. You can choose whether the influencers create content based on coaching, human resources, economics, marketing, news or technology, among others.

Define your influencers on Linkedin

You also have the option to segment and search influencers by specific characteristics like city, age, language, gender, number of followers…

Choose the budget and how long the Linkedin campaigns will be

Decide the amount you want to invest and set the start and end dates of the campaign. The platform will show you in advance how many influencers you could involve and what the estimated reach could be.

Select your Linkedin influencers and track their content

You can always authorize the profiles that you like the most and reject those that do not suit your brand. You even have the power to approve proposed certain content or request modifications before it is published.

Get access to detailed information about data and statistics

Last but not least, you will be able to track all the campaigns and have access to statistics and reports, during or once the campaign is over.