Campaigns with Influencers for Instagram

Create advertising campaigns with the best influencers for your brand.

Instagram influencers are capable to achieve large number of specific and loyal target audience. In fact, Instagramers have loyal followers that will listen and follow their tips and recommendations.

Also this campaign allows a truly and real connection with their target audience, creating a bigger engagement and high changes to create viral content.

On the other hand, choosing different profiles allows you to have different niches and target audience that will increase your reach in an efficient way

How to create a Instagram campaign

Register as an advertiser on SocialPubli

Ya registrado, en tu perfil añadirás los fondos que deseas asignar a tus campañas de Marketing de Influencers con creadores de Instagram.

Once registered, in your profile you will add the funds that you want to be assigned to your Influencer Marketing campaigns with Instagram creators. Additionally, you can choose whether to pay by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal..

Specify all in information for your Instagram Campaing

Afterwards, you just have to fill out the form with all the necessary data so that the influencers follow your instructions when publishing.

For all the Instagram campaigns, you can choose to have Instagrammers generate content in posts, stories or reels..

Also, you can choose the name, description, hashtags to share, if they have to mention certain users, and upload one or several images.

Define your Instagram influencers

Next, you have the option to segment and search for influencers for your campaign by criteria such as country, city, language, category, age range, number of followers, and gender.

Choose the budget and how long it will take the campaign

Choose the quantity that you want to invest and establish dates for the beginning and the end of your campaign. The platform will show you a preview of how many influencers can meet your criteria and the reach they will achieve.

Select your Instagramers and track their content

You will be able to track and check all the influencers messages before they publish. This will give you control to ask them for changes and add them to a list to keep them in your favorites.

Get a detailed report of your results

Last but not least you will have available during and once the campaign is over, a full report of all the results of your campaign to track them and see their success.