Instagram campaigns with influencers

Do you want to advertise with instagram influencers?

You can now promote your brand on Instagram quickly and easily with SocialPubli to reach your target audience through influencers.

SocialPubli is the tool that puts advertisers in contact with influencers to publicize their brand's products and content on Instagram.

More than 50% of users rely on the opinions of a friend or acquaintance than in an ad. With Socialpubli you can campaign on Instagram with Influencers, micro-influencers, experts or users related to the interests of your audience.

The use of the platform is very simple, once you have registered as an advertiser you can add the balance you are going to allocate to your campaigns through PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.

Then, creating a campaign is very easy, you just need to fill in the form with all the necessary data so that the influencers on Instagram follow your instructions when it comes to publishing.

You can add the campaign name, description, hashtags, brand username, upload one or more of your own images or let the influencers upload theirs.

All the messages that influencers send to participate in your campaigns can be moderated before they are published. You will always have control over the publications, ask for changes or add the influencers to your list to have them among your favorites.

And of course, during the campaign and at the end, you will have a complete report to measure the success of your campaigns.

If you need help, our team will always be available to help you with any questions or concerns.

What else could be wanted? That you join SocialPubli so that your brand starts to succeed on Instagram.

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