Brand Detector

Socialpubli Brand Detector

Brand Detector by SocialPubli allows you to know the brands which your favorite influencers have worked with!

Use the Brand Detector AI to discover:

  • Name of the brand the influencer has worked with
  • Date of publication
  • Type of collaboration and format
  • Number of times they have collaborated with the brand
  • Social network where the publication was made and its reach

How does Brand Detector work?

The AI enhances the tool's search engine to reveal everything about the influencers choices, analyzing profiles on Instagram and TikTok You will obtain a comprehensive list of brands, specific posts involving them and its impact!

And that's not all! You can filter according to the type of collaboration the influencer has done with the brand:

  • Paid Media
  • Organic

Knowing which brands an influencer has collaborated with will help you:

  • Assess their reputation in the market. If they have worked with well-known brands, they will be reliable and have a successful track record.
  • Determine if their audience and values align with your brand. If they have collaborated with brands similar to yours, they will be part of your target niche.
  • Tap into their knowledge and experience. By collaborating with similar brands, you may have learned strategies and techniques that are effective in your sector.
  • Establish strategic partnerships. You can explore opportunities for collaboration with these brands, such as shared campaigns or cross-promotions.