Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Run Influencer Marketing campaigns and succeed on social networks through the SocialPubli platform!

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is based on brand strategics where brands, companies or advertisers collaborate with big creators in social media to promote their product or service.

In SocialPubli we manage all your influencer marketing campaigns to make them success!

Benefits in working with influencers

1 Increase brand visibility on digital platforms.
2 Grow your brand credibility and trust to your audience.
3 You obtain authentic and relevant content adapted to brand values.
4 Audiences are segmented in a specific and effective way.
5 Increase the interaction and participation of the target audience.
6 Unique and distinctive promotional opportunities appear.

Types of influencers you can choose for your campaigns

You can choose between different types of influencers depending on the objectives of your campaign:

Megainfluencers o celebrities


Worldwide known personalities.


500k to 1M followers

Massive reach on different social networks.


100k to 500k followers

Balance between mass reach and authenticity.


10k to 100k followers

Ability to generate authentic and close connections.


1k to 10k followers

Great influence and conviction on acquaintances and family.

Create your influencer marketing campaigns with the SocialPubli technology.

Our platform has all the technological tools you need to prepare your Influencer Marketing campaign.

Find the best influencers for your brand.

Analyze influencers profiles and decide with which one you want to collaborate with to find out if they fit the objectives of your strategy.

Control all the progress of your campaign

Approve or deny influencers before they publish their campaign in social media. Nothing will ever be published until it is approved by the brand and they are satisfied with the content.

Review the results obtained and the ROI in real time

Measure and review all the analytics of your post and reach at all times.

Our team will advise you to optimize your results and obtain the highest possible Return of Investment.

Influencer Marketing personalized campaigns with SocialPubli

We provide you with tailored solutions, ensuring that our influencers adapt to all the objectives of your business.

With our personalized campaigns, the possibilities for your Influencer Marketing strategies are endless. The limit is in your creativity!

Solutions adapted to the needs of your campaign

Contact our personalized campaigns team at and explain your proposal to them so they can help you. We will be happy to help you throughout the entire process.

Social media in which we do campaigns


Examples of influencer marketing personalized campaigns

Campaign in WhatsApp

Real people will spread your brand to their own contacts. This type of marketing is very effective and convenient.

Campaign in platforms like Twitch, YouTube and TikTok

Since adding banners in your posts, ask them for specific things to create personalized texts.

Campaign in emergent social platforms like LinkedIn y Threads

We offer collaborations in the newest digital platforms to make the most of them since the very start.

Product shipping

We will make sure your products arrive correctly to the selected influencers and that they publish their review as soon as possible.