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How does work?

  • 1. Control your campaigns

    Review the messages for your campaigns before they are published! From the message panel on your dashboard, you can approve, deny or ask for changes to the influencers before any message is published on their social media. Nothing will be published prior to your review and approval.

    Plus, you can program the publishing time as you wish. Simple, right?

  • 2. Results in real time

    At any time, you can see the profiles and the “reach” of the influencers that you’re working with. Also, you can evaluate the interactions of your campaign.

    The more creative you are, the better the results you’ll have. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our SocialPubli campaign team who can advise you on how to optimize your results.

  • 3. Get detailed statistics about your campaign

    In order to understand your campaign results in depth, just go to the ‘statistics’ section, where you can see the main metrics for each campaign: reach, interactions, messages published, etc.

    And you can download in PDF a full report of all the information you need and share it with other team members.


    Do you want to see the return on your investment? his can easily be done by going into the panel on your dashboard, where you can check the economic reports on each campaign. Here, you can review all the details regarding ROI of your campaigns - the costs and the returns of the contents published by our influencers.

    No more excuses! Start working with influencers in order to reach any corner of the market.


The Study of Influencer Marketing

150 advertisers and marketing professionals describe the influencers marketing report in Spain, USA, Colombia, Portugal and Perú.


AEG has done a large number of campaignsusing influencers in order to have a constant presence on social media and to strengthen brand recognition.

2018 Global Micro-Influencer Study

We analyzed more than 1,000 influencers from all around the world to understand Influencer Marketing and its trends.


Many brands have boarded on the trend of collaborating with influencers. Everyday there are more brands investing in digital PR strategies to amplify their communication.


It’s a proven fact that social media advertising using influencer marketing strategies brings greater engagement with brands than other types of digital strategies. Have you ever considered how effective it could be if you were to give a voice to social media users and let them communicate your messages? Their public, their contacts and followers, - trust them and pay attention to their opinions and recommendations.

The first advantage that needs to be pointed out regarding working with influencers or micro influencers is the trust that they transmit to consumers through their social media channels. Also, they bring in added values. Given that they already have a reliable community gathered by their personal interests, Influencers generate greater number of interactions that yield frequent engagement and deeper commitment.
In the case of micro-influencers, since these are ordinary people, their publications are perceived to be authentic and honest, so their level of credibility is very high. And we shouldn’t forget that they have a greater accessibility to a larger and more diverse audience than other marketing strategies, considering the smaller amount of investment

n top of all this, unlike traditional online advertising methods, influencers are not vulnerable to ad blockers. Your campaigns won't be lost in a limbo but will always reach their public.

How a social media strategy works

People turn to social media to get information about a product or service before purchase, which is why it’s so important to have a strong presence on social media....can communicate your message with visibility. To set up a social media campaign, all you need to do is establish your budget and select influencer profiles that best suit your message to reach your desired target audience. The influencers...and will get to work immediately as your spokespersons.

It’s clear that social media strategy is a strongpoint for brands. Social media isn’t just for keeping up with our friends but also a great means of getting information that responds to and satisfies our interests. Given all these benefits, you can’t resist being on social media!