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Our Studies about Influencers

Study of Influencer Marketing on TikTok 2021

TikTok is the social network of the moment. It has more than 600 million users, and it’s one of the fastest growing platforms in the world. TikTokers are part of a new generation of influencers who have been born exclusively through this format. It is important to know their behaviors, as they will be the ones who affect the consumption patterns and trends in the coming years.

Therefore, brands should focus their efforts on adapting their content and language to this group of users. From SocialPubli, we share with you the data obtained through a survey conducted with influencers and advertisers from different parts of the world in order to understand what the future of campaigns with TikTok influencers will be.

II Study of Advertisers with Influencers

More and more advertisers are incorporating influencer marketing as part of their regular marketing strategies. We surveyed marketers and advertisers in over 15 countries for their current opinions on the effectiveness, advantages, challenges and return on investment when it comes to influencer marketing. We saw that advertisers saw an even higher return on investment from influencer marketing than last year and are increasingly turning to nano and microinfluencers for collaborations with higher rates of engagement. We also asked advertisers on how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected their marketing strategies. Find it more in our Influencer Marketing Report from a marketers perspective 2020!

Global Micro-Influencer Report 2019

In 2018 we launched ourFirst Global Study of Microinfluencers with which we defined characteristic and fundamental elements of microinfluencers. In 2019, we developed a second study of microinfluencers with which we counted on 2.667 samples of influencers in Europe, North America and South America that form a part of our platform with whom we obtained an internal vision of them. Participating influencers were from different categories such as fashion, beauty, travel, gastronomy, and fitness.

Our Global Report of Microinfluencers of 2019 sought to obtain an internal vision of this group of influencers, which conforms to the sector with the most rapid growth in the community of influencers and with which one can generate multiple advantages.

2019 Influencer Marketing Report: A Marketer’s Perspective

Influencer marketing is increasingly gaining more importance and interest among advertisers at a global level and the internet is the advertising platform on which all advertisers want to be. Therefore, we’ve contacted 150 professionals of agencies in Europe and North American who specialize in advertising, marketing, public relations, media and social networks to obtain, firsthand, their opinion regarding influencer marketing. The results demonstrated that a high percentage of advertisers planned to maintain or increase investment in influencer marketing in 2019, proving that influencer marketing is very effective and is constantly growing.

2019 Global Fashion Influencer Study

The fashion industry has grown exponentially at the hands of social networks and have done so with the help of an important figure, the influencers. At SocialPubli we conducteda influencercase studywith over 1.000fashion influencers, located in Europe and Latin America, with experience in the fashion sector and a trajectory of advertising collaborations with various brands. Influencers gave their opinions about topics such as inspiration and style, with which we could conclude that influencers count on the confidence and support of their followers, which has permitted their fashion to speak in a personalized way.

2018 Global Micro-Influencer Study


At SocialPubli we’ve developeda studyat a global level in territories such as South American and North America to prove the efficacy of advertising created by micro and macro influencers. Through this stud we’ve been able to determine how this type of advertising is not only more economical, but also more authentic and credible. The influencer marketing stats reveal a very positive level of engagement, leaving no doubt that microinfluencersare content creators that generate effective and reciprocal communication with their followers.

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