WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns

Create effective advertising campaigns on WhatsApp

Why run WhatsApp campaigns on SocialPubli

With WhatsApp you will reach your potential clients in a direct and effective way!

eople will become the spokespersons for your brand. These will communicate your marketing action to their own close friends or coworkers, generating a sense of recommendation for other traditional advertising methods.

Because of that your advertising message is passed on through trusted people, giving greater credibility to the information.

Connection and Marketing on WhatsApp is direct and more effective

+2.9 billion users

use WhatsApp around the world.

Great open rate

A large number of daily views.

+10 million messages

daily through the platform.

A more effective way

to communicate with potential clients or build loyalty.

Advantages in doing Marketing Campaigns in Whatsapp

Direct and personal reach by sending messages and relevant content individually or to select groups.

High opening and engagement rates thanks to push notifications and frequent use of the application.

Real-time conversations that improve the customer experience.

Multimedia and varied content that includes images, videos, documents and links.