Campaigns with Youtube Influencers

Create advertising campaigns with the best youtubers for your brand

YouTube has a great diversity of content and the possibility of reaching a global audience. This platform allows the creation of videos of longer duration and deeper focus, which is beneficial for promoting products or services in detail.

YouTubers are known for their big knowledge in specific areas, which brings authority and trust to their recommendations. Their ability to create educational, entertaining and quality content differentiates them from other influencers on platforms more focused on entertaining content.

How to create Youtube campaigns in SocialPubli

Sign up in SocialPubli as a advertiser

On your profile, you can add the funds that you want to assign to your marketing campaign with Youtube influencers.

Additionally, you can choose whether to pay by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.

Customize all your Youtube campaign

Next, click on the Create Campaign button on the main page, and then choose the YouTube platform.

For these campaigns, we personalize your commercial action and adapt it to your business, always under your supervision and your last word.

We will make your idea a reality thanks to our creative team

We adapt your briefing to the characteristics of the live platform and the streamers who use this medium to connect with their audience.

Examples of successful ideas for a YouTube campaign:

YouTubers make a completely new video talking about a certain topic the brand chooses.

Influencers share a video provided by the brand.

We look for the best YouTubers for your brand

We will choose the YouTube influencers that best fit your business objectives. In addition, we will contact them and tell them the idea so that they can carry it out on their profiles.

We offer a complete report once the Youtube campings is over

During the campaign process, you will know how it is evolving and what results have been obtained once it ends. For this reason, we will offer you a complete report in which you can check the success of the YouTube marketing campaigns.