Why advertise with Youtubers?

Youtube campaigns with influencers

Creating campaigns with Youtubers with SocialPubli is a reality. With their videos you can conquer the most demanding audience of the second most important search engine in the world.

SocialPubli connects advertisers with influencers to create campaigns on Youtube and turn their product into a big success.

Consumers trust more in the opinions of people who are close to them, and that is why influencers exist. Influencers are people who transmit credibility in the eyes of the consumer because they are famous or because they are experts in a certain industry.

For this reason, influencer campaigns on YouTube are very important for companies, since they can reach a high percentage of users with a loyal audience and catch their attention this way.

On SocialPubli, it is very fast and easy to create Youtube campaigns. First, register as an advertiser and add balance for your campaigns to your account through PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.

Then, complete the campaign description with all the requirements for the influencer to participate.

You can ask the influencers to create a video about a certain topic or you can provide them a video you want them to share, including the title or keywords they must use in the title.

Also, you'll always have the option to moderate campaigns before they get published. You can accept, deny or ask changes. And, of course, you can always consult your report during and after the campaigns with the results.

If you need help, our team will always be available to help you with any questions or concerns.

Do you need to know more? Better try it yourself by registering and see how you succeed by advertising on YouTube.