Advertising campaigns on blogs with influencers

Create advertising campaigns with the best bloggers for your brand

Blogs have not been forgotten as many believe. These continue to form a format that offers detailed, informative and high-quality content in various niches.

That is, blogs allow for a deeper knowledge of topics and products, which is essential for conveying complete information to the audience.

Also, bloggers are known for their ability to create great written content, visual and often multimedia content, which provides a more complete and educational perspective. Their focus on research and storytelling differentiates them from other influencers focused on more visual or real-time platforms.

How to create campaign for your Blog in SocialPubli

Sign up in SocialPubli as a advertiser

On your profile, you can add the funds that you want to assign to your marketing campaign with Bloggers.

Additionally, you can choose whether to pay by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.

Customize all your Blogs campaign

Next, click on the Create Campaign button on the main page, and then choose the Blogs platform.

For these campaigns, we personalize your commercial action and adapt it to your business, always under your supervision and your last word.

Also, if you have questions about the strategies for your Blog campaign, don't worry. One of our agents will meet with you, explain how to plan it and help you throughout the creation, management and completion process.

We will make your idea a reality thanks to our creative team

For example you can create a campaign with sponsored post or you can post a press release in the blogs that you like the most and that best adapt to your brand. Also you create different campaigns and choose between two options, it all will depend on what you want to communicate.

We look for the best bloggers for your brand

We will choose the bloggers that best fit your business objectives. In addition, we will contact them and tell them the idea so that they can carry it out on their profiles.

You can control all the posts before they publish

You could check all the blogs and verify if they fit or not your campaign and choose the one you like the most. Once you approve them, bloggers will write all the content and they will send you a draft.

Then you can read them, check if all the links and images are correct, officially publish them or request changes. No post will be published without your consent and you can review them as many times as you want before others can read them.

We offer a complete report once the blog campings is over

During the campaign process, you will know how it is evolving and what results have been obtained once it ends. For this reason, we will offer you a complete report in which you can check the success of the blog marketing campaigns.