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If you want to make money using social media, this is the place for you! Sharing your interests while you’re getting paid for it is a luxury within your grasp. You don’t have to have millions of followers or be in the latest viral video on YouTube. You just need your profiles and a strong desire to communicate!

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How to make money with your social media networks?

Social media networks have become one of the tools most utilized by companies in their marketing strategies. And who carries out these strategies? The influencers. That means YOU!

That’s right! With SocialPubli, making money with your social networks is very easy. Once you register on the platform with your profiles and you indicate your interests and the topics you like to talk about the most, you’ll become a micro-influencer and you can help companies communicate their messages. If you are active on all or nearly all the channels, then take advantage of this! Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram. The more, the better. Right? And the more followers you have, the more campaigns and opportunities you’ll have to make money.

Isn’t this a strong reason to give it your all on social media?

How to make money with
your blog?

If you like to write and you have a blog, then you have in your hands the power to make money with your blog.

Companies seek to focus on specific publics and achieve a larger reach within that segment. So, besides social media channels, they often use blogs to become known.

This is your moment! To make money with your blog, you have to be visible on a platform like, where brands go to look for profiles like yours, profiles which fit with those products or services they want to promote.

Don’t forget that we’re all influencers. You just need to be in the right place at the right time. The time is now, and the place is, of course.