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Analyzer & Brands

Choose the ideal influencers for your brand

What is Analyzer?

Analyzer is the platform with which you will see real-time information about the influencers you would like to collaborate with. Plus, you’ll detect fake profiles!

In just a few minutes, you will analyze the information of the best candidates that align with your brand and business objectives.

What information does Analyzer provide?

With Analyzer, you’ll be able to access real-time information about the influencers you’re interested in working with. This includes:

  • The influencer’s KPI’s: their number of followers, followed, publications, frequency of publication, engagement, earned media value…
  • Their audience data: gender, age, location, interactions, interests, reach, top followers…
  • The contents of their profile: Hashtags they use, mentions of other accounts, quality of posts, formats…

Optimise your marketing strategies on digital platforms

We guarantee you the best results thanks to the chosen spokespersons!

Don’t miss this opportunity to identify influencers similar to your brand and with a community in line with your target audience.

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SocialPubli Brands

On the other hand, with SocialPubli Brands you can discover the history of the brands with which the influencer has worked.

Brands is the magnifying glass with which you will discover:

  • Name of the brand the influencer has worked with
  • Date of publication
  • Type of collaboration and format
  • Number of times they have collaborated with the brand
  • Social network where the publication was made and its reach

How does Brands work?

In the tool’s search engine, enter the URL of the influencer’s Instagram, TikTok or YouTube  profile. You will immediately see the actual post with all the details and the impact obtained.

And that’s not all! You can filter according to the type of collaboration the influencer has done with the brand:

  • Organic.
  • Paid Media.
  • Collaborations.

Knowing which brands an influencer has collaborated with will help you:

  • Assess their reputation in the market. If they have worked with well-known brands, they will be reliable and have a successful track record.
  • Determine if their audience and values align with your brand. If they have collaborated with brands similar to yours, they will be part of your target niche.
  • Tap into their knowledge and experience. By collaborating with similar brands, you may have learned strategies and techniques that are effective in your sector.
  • Establish strategic partnerships. You can explore opportunities for collaboration with these brands, such as shared campaigns or cross-promotions.
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