Do you want to promote your brand on blogs? SocialPubli.com enables collaborations between brands and bloggers to showcase your services and products or spread the word about your latest announcement among thousands of readers at once.

If each blogger reaches thousands of people who would not want to have several bloggers promoting and writing about their brand?

Doing campaigns with bloggers can help to boost your link building efforts and has a lot of influence on off-page SEO.

Want to try it? There are influencers and blogs which are very well prepared to write posts for companies, and you can benefit from them substantially.

We know that finding the perfect blog to talk about your company is complicated and requires time and patience. But take it easy, that’s what we are here for!

With SocialPubli.com, creating blogger campaigns is quite simple. You must first register as an advertiser and then create your first blog campaign.

You can create a campaign with sponsored posts or request that a press release be shared on blogs. Remember that you can always run different campaigns and try both options! It all depends on what you want to communicate.

Once you have filled out the campaign briefing and indicated the criteria to participate, blog profiles that match your requirements will start coming up in your campaign.

The only thing you have to do is check the blogs and approve those you like the most. Pre-approved bloggers will then write the drafts of the blog posts and upload them to SocialPubli.com where you or somebody designated by you can check if the links and images are fine, approve the post or request changes. No post will be published without your approval, and you can check them as many times as you like before giving the OK for publication.

And of course, you can always count on us for help. If you have any questions during the process, you can always reach us by email or phone.

Inserting links in blogs is essential for your company, and although people say that quality is more important than quantity, in this case you can have both. With SocialPubli.com, the number of blogs and their reach is as high as their quality.

Want to try it?