There’s no denying the power of YouTube. It boasts over a billion users and is the second most popular site globally. It is even considered the second largest search engine in the world, right behind Google and surpassing Yahoo!, Bing and Ask.

It is crucial for brands to establish their presence on the social media giant and what better way to do so than by leveraging social influencer-generated content.

SocialPubli.com makes it possible for you to search and connect with hundreds of YouTubers to collaborate on video pieces that promote your product and/or services.

Do you want to know how? Do not miss this video.

Marketing and advertising reports have shown that the most credible form of advertising in the eyes of consumers comes straight from the people they know and trust. This is precisely why influencers exist. These are people who influence the behaviors of others and in social media they can be either celebrities, experts in specific fields/topics or simply regular users who are trustworthy in the eyes of their friends and family.

YouTube influencer marketing campaigns allow brands to reach a large number of users with a loyal audience, and this means that the brand has consequently more probabilities of getting their attention.

To join SocialPubli.com, first register as an advertiser and then add credit to your account via a bank transfer, credit card or PayPal. If you are an agency, we can take purchase orders from your clients.

To launch a YouTube campaign go to your advertiser’s panel and select “create campaign”, choose the option for “YouTube” and the campaign creation panel will open. Fill in all of the required fields and specify the criteria for the influencers willing to participate.

You can ask them to make a video about a certain topic you have selected or provide them with a video to share indicating the exact title or title keywords that must be used.

You will only collaborate with those influencers that meet the criteria you have specified and all of the messages submitted by the influencers for your YouTube campaign will be subject to pre-approval. Before influencers are able to publish the content, you can always decide to reject a message you don’t like and ask for changes.

Once the campaign has ended, you will get a detailed analytics report, which you can use to evaluate the success of your influencer outreach effort.

Try SocialPubli.com today and discover the immense potential of collaborating with influencers on YouTube.