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Do you want to make money on social networks?

Not only brands can benefit from increasing brand awareness through their social media channels, also users can profit about this. That is because, thanks to SocialPubli, you can now earn money through your social media accounts.

Our platform connects brands with influencers such as you. We help advertisers find influencers who understand their vision and who can communicate their content through their social media accounts while earning money.

As you can see, earning money through Instagram is possible, just like through Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, and even your blog. You only have to register as an influencer, link your social media accounts to your profile, and wait for us to send you advertisers' campaigns.

You don't need thousands of followers, on the contrary, we value the community and credibility of micro-influencers. That's why we are happy to welcome you as well as our advertisers.

The platform is very easy to use. Once registered as an influencer, you should link your social media profiles to your account and provide information on your interests so that we can send you campaigns based on your information.

The categories you select are the ones the advertiser will choose later, so be honest when you select them and make sure that they are related to your profile. They can choose categories such as: fashion, lifestyle, sports, business, society, and much more as you will discover when you register.

Once everything is done, you should prepare yourself to earn money, because you only have to wait until an advertiser looks for an influencer's profile like yours, and then we will notify you when a new campaign is published on your profile.

When you receive campaigns, it's time to work! Once you've sent your post, the advertiser will review it, ask for changes, or publish it, depending on his or her requirements. After publishing and verifying the content, we will add the money into your account.

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