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Gaming x Influencer Marketing Study 2022

Given the unstoppable growth of the online gaming industry in recent years, an increasing number of brands are tapping into this captive audience of over 1 billion people*!

    • Gaming culture's influence on mainstream culture is undeniable, and for marketers looking to reach new and diverse audiences, online gaming presents exciting opportunities to generate massive brand exposure.
    • For brands that want to engage with gamers, the first crucial step is understanding who gamers really are and becoming familiar with the industry's landscape.
    • This study shares an overview of the current trends at the heart of the gaming x influencer marketing intersection. It underlines the key motivations, preferences, and behaviors of influencers and content creators in the gaming world.
    • Key findings include:
      • Advertising has noticeably increased: 82.1% of gamers have seen an increase in the number of brands advertising on gaming platforms in the last year.
      • Gaming influencer marketing is ripe with opportunity: most gaming influencers (59.6%) stated they participate in sponsored campaigns but only a few times per year.  
      • Twitch leads the gaming platform market: 56.7% of gamers ranked Twitch as their favorite online gaming platform, followed by YouTube at 32% and Facebook Gaming at 11.3%. 
      • COVID played a key role in social gaming growth: During the pandemic, 59.4% of surveyed creators increased the time they spent gaming. 


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