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Sell on social media with the best influencers

What is Influencer Marketing to Results?

Create campaigns to sell with influencer content

At SocialPubli we have the best system for carrying out actions aimed at conversions. This is Influencer Marketing to Results, an effective strategy with which you will only pay per sale obtained and at a much cheaper CPA.

With Influencer Marketing to Results you sell with the help of influencers.

  • Convert influencer-created content into paid ads through TikTok and Meta (Instagram and Facebook).
  • By using such content as Paid Media, you will reach your target audience more precisely, segmenting by age, gender, interests and location.
  • The results will be multiplied compared to organic. In addition, the CTR will be up to 4 times higher than Social Ads!

Advantages of Influencer Marketing to Results

  • You will pay for results, depending on your specific objective: sales, reach, conversions, leads, clicks, or other metrics.
  • You will manage your budget and always ensure a positive ROI.
  • You will not pay until the user takes a certain action, such as making an actual purchase or filling out a form.
  • We will put you in contact with the influencers you want to work with, with the aim of optimising communication throughout the work process.
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