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The Latina Influence


At the forefront of today’s multicultural influencer movement, Latina influencers reach audiences across digital platforms and geographic boundaries. 

Their day-to-day work is shaping digital storytelling and culture as we know it, but very little is known about this vibrant and diverse community of influencers.

With this in mind, SocialPubli set out to survey how Latina influencers view the current state of the influencer marketing industry and their work in one of today’s most fast-paced and competitive industries.  

The data sheds light on different aspects such as the top challenges they’re currently facing as influencers, their opinions about sponsored content compensation, the representation of minorities in the influencer space, and their business aspirations.  

Latina digital content creators are part of the United States’ second fastest-growing minority group. An economic engine for the U.S., Latinos boast the highest rate of entrepreneurship of any race, with 12.5% business growth over the past five years.

Key findings include:

  • Influencer marketing and digital content creation as a career path: Close to 60 percent of Latina influencers surveyed are full-time content creators and almost 20 percent are earning $50,000+ from their influencer marketing work.
  • Compensation is a challenge: Over half of Latina influencers (53.4 percent) do not think they are paid fairly for their influencer work. 60.7 percent of Latina influencers believe their ethnicity affects the rates they’re offered for influencer campaigns.
  • Commitment to diversity and inclusion: 64.4 percent rank diversity and inclusion as a “very important” differentiator when deciding to partner with a brand.

Download the complete report here:

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