At SocialPubli, we work with the most well-known influencers in the gaming sector. From 3 years ago, and thanks to our experience and partnership with e-Sports, we've had the capacity to manage campaigns with successful results


We manage your campaign

We develop your creative idea

Through a brainstorming process, we develop novel solutions to resolve problems in the most original and practical way

We look for relevant audiences through our influencers

IN our extensive database of more than 160,000 influencers in the world segmented by category, age, sex, country, and followers

We create the strategy

The strategy will depend on the objectives that clients have. We rely 100% on gaming content creators with whom we work every day

We achieve success in your campaigns

Based on our expertise in all stages we carry out, we'll make sure that the campaign is a success. A report of the KPIs obtained by campaigns

Or if you prefer, you yourself can create your campaign through our platform

With SocialPubli, creating campaigns for any channel is very fast and easy


Register as an advertiser and add campaign funds through PayPal, credit card ,or bank transfer


Then complete the campaign description with all the requirements the influencer must have to participate


Segment your campaign and obtain the right gamers for your campaign


You can ask influencers to make a video, post, story, etc. about the topic that you want or provide your own content that they must share, including the title and words that they must incorporate

Moreover, you'll always have the option to moderate their content before they publish: approve, reject, or request change. And of course, you'll obtain a report during and after the campaign with all the results

If you need help, our team is always available to help you with any concerns or questions. It's very easy, contact us at