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In SocialPubli we go one step further on influencers marketing campaigns. Apart from implementing the most advanced technology to create automated campaigns in the social media, we can get that our 500,000 + influencers adapt to your business needs to deliver you custom solutions.

These are some of our options:

Whatsapp Campaigns

Whatsapp is the messages service with the most users around the world. Real people can spread your brand and your marketing actions to their own contacts The connection is direct: the most effective marketing

micro influencers
micro-influencers marketing

Product Delivery

We know that manage all the logistics of an influencer campaign with product delivery can be really complicated. especially when you handle actions with several influencers at the same time.
Well, thanks to SocialPubli, this problem is a thing from the past. We take care that your products reach the selected influencers correctly and that they make a corresponding review of them.

Twitch and TikTok campaigns

Social media is growing and new platforms take their own place in our internet reality. This is the case of Twitch and TikTok.

In SocialPubli we offer something really exclusive, marketing campaigns in these social media platforms. From introducing banners in their posts, ask for detailed actions or custom copies.

travel influencers

Metrics and report

Once you launch your campaign, you can follow the activity of your influencers directly from the platform. In addition, we make a full report when the campaign ends so you can analyze your result.

With our personalized campaigns the possibilities for your marketing campaign with influencers are almost unlimited. The limit is in your creativity.