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Case Studies

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These are some of the brands whom we’ve helped create, manage and measure influencer campaigns.. Discover how influencer marketing can help boost your message and reach your target audience through our case studies.

SocialPubli leads the BCP awareness action in collaboration with Yape

  • The BCP (Banco de Crédito del Perú), leader of integrated financial services in Peru, sought to raise awareness among citizens about the importance of helping those most in need during the global health crisis and specifically, the country.
  • The BCP, in collaboration with Yape, a mobile application which allows mobile-to-mobile transfers, had the goal of promoting social responsibility actions through voluntary donations.
  • The main challenge was to reach the largest number of people possible to obtain support on the part of the citizenry, transmitting the message that all together we can stop COVID.

Coca-Cola introduces its new product, Coca-Cola With Coffee, in the Colombian market

  • Coca-Cola in Colombia, has the goal of introducing its new product through social media in the Colombian market, “Coca-Cola with Coffee”, a refreshing drink with coffee extract, made from real coffee beans.
  • The biggest challenge was to introduce a very novel product and communicate to clients its strengths, especially its coffee flavor.

L’Oréal Mass Market trust SocialPubli to launch its first big campaign on the live streaming platform, Twitch, for Portugal.

  • L’Oréal wanted to amplify brand familiarity in the Portuguese market and introduce the brand on new channels.. The objective was to promote two products from Garnier, Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 and Garnier Pure Active Carvão.
  • In this way, L’Oréal Mass Market trusted SocialPubli to launchits first mass campaign on the live streaming platform, Twitch, for Portugal.