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What do influencers take into account when collaborating with a brand?

In order to create this influencer report, we have surveyed almost 3.000 influencers from 20 different countries registered on SocialPubli's platform, which has helped us to achieve a global vision on the work of these creators and the areas in which this strategy is succeeding the most.

Highlights of the report

  • Instagram stays as the influencers' favorite social media platform for a third year in a row. TikTok is now in third place, and Facebook is still one of the most used platforms.
  • Paying influencers for each published content is the most popular remuneration method among surveyed users, and most of them prefer a campaign or brand collaboration's success to be measured basedon views and reach.
  • The influencers work recognition improves based on last year: almost half of the surveyed users, 44.5%, says their work is positively recognised.
  • When it comes to tagging posts with the hashtag #Ad, 82.4% of the surveyed users consider it to be important.. However, 77.2% say that using that hashtag might impact the campaigns' results.

If you want to know more about how this world of constant change is evolving, you can check out our previous influencer report.

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