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Create TikTok campaigns with influencers!

TikTok is the social network of the moment and proved that it's more than just pure entertainment in 2020. So much so, that the latest IAB Spain Social Media Study places it as the social network that has grown the most in number of users, increasing from 3 to 16%, the percentage of people who have used this social network in the last year.

Its use is especially widespread among Generation Z and Millennials, two of the most interesting age segments for brands.

For this reason, those of us at SocialPubli want to get in on this great opportunity offered by the expansion of TikTok. We want to help you develop your advertising or marketing campaigns on TikTok with influencers, so that you can reach the target audience you want.

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Download our guide about TikTok influencer marketing campaigns:

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    One of the biggest commitments of our TikTok Influencer Agency to advertisers is maximum simplification of processes so that brands can have an optimal and simple experience. This is something that you'll already know if you've worked with us in the past.

    The process of creating campaigns on our platform is very simple: it’s very intuitive and working on it will be very easy. When you’re registered as an advertiser on SocialPubli, you’ll have the possibility of adding funds to be directed to your TikTok campaigns. Regarding payment methods, you decide: credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal.

    We'll take care of the rest. You just have to send us a briefing telling us what you want to promote, how you want to proceed, approximate profiles of influencers, what you want them to do and any other points you consider necessary.

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    Generally we work through a challenge or a fun proposal and in accord with the audience on TikTok. Other important points you should indicate in this step is a hashtag for the campaign.

    In this sense, keep in mind the particular characteristics of this social network, you can’t link or do a swipe-up as in Instagram stories, which is why the hashtag that you propose is really important, since the entire campaign revolves around it.

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    With what you say, we get to work. We send the proposal to all the influencers registered on the platform who have TikTok and they adapted to what's outlined by the company in the briefing.

    Among all the influencers interested in participating in the action, the brands will have the power to decide with which influencers they want to collaborate. Once chosen, the development of the TikTok influencer marketing action begins.

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    Content creators must post the publication and send proof to SocialPubli to verify their participation in the campaign.

    Furthermore, at SocialPubli we want advertisers to be aware at all times of the evolution of the influencers campaigns in TikTok, as well as its results. Therefore, we work to offer statistics of the actions. On TikTok we can't offer exhaustive or massive metrics like on other social networks, for now. However, we usually request and obtain statistics on reproduction, comments, and likes for the content.

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    How to create an Influencer campaign on TikTok?

    The process of creating an influencer marketing campaign on TikTok through our platform is very simple: it's intuitive and super easy to work with.

    1. The first step is to register on Socialpubli as an advertiser. Once logged in, you'll be able to add your budget that you want to direct to your influencer marketing campaigns with TikTokers. You choose the best method of payment for you: credit card, bank transfer or Paypal.
    2. Once you've loaded your budget onto your account, you just have to click on the 'Create New Campaign' button located on the main page and then select TikTok as the social network. Now you'll be able to follow the steps prior to launching your campaign.
    3. The following step is to fill in the details of your campaign: the name, a briefing so that the influencers know what to publish, hashtags that you want them to use and the username that you want the participants to mention.
    4. Once you've completed the campaign details, the next step is to select the profile of the influencers and filter by country, city, language, category, age, number of followers and gender. It's just that easy!
    5. Lastly, you have to indicate how much of your budget you want to invest in the campaign and set the start and end date of the campaign action. The platform will then show you before launching, how many influencers you'll be able to collaborate with and the estimated reach the campaign will have.

    Once you've launched the campaign, the influencers who want to take part in your action will start to sign up. At every moment, you will have full control to accept only the profiles you like and reject those that you don't see as a good fit for your campaign.

    Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to moderate the content of the influencers before they publish anything on their profiles. You'll also be able to see how your campaign is going in real time through your statistics panel.

    Are you ready to start?