August 2016

The corporate world talks about contents marketing, but do you know what is it exactly and how to do it? Contents marketing consists in creating attractive and interesting contents to our audience with the aim of adding value to our brand, and it is also a way to increase customer's fidelity. Define your goals Before

Almost 10 years have passed since Facebook officially kicked off its project to change our lives radically. It marked a milestone in the world of the social networks that today make part of our personal and professional daily lives. Few of us have resisted the maze of Mark Zuckerberg's social network.

We have been waiting for as long as four years, and finally we can enjoy the Olympic Games Rio 2016. This summer, while we sunbathe on a hammock or when we are not taking a swim, we never miss out our mobile phones. We love keeping up to date with what

The news about the recent launch by Instagram, Instagram Stories, has revved up social networks. But it is not something out of ordinary that has never been seen before; quite the opposite. What has driven users and brands crazy about this is the obvious copying of Snapchat's main feature: you can now record videos on