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7 Ideas To Turn Your Instagram Feed Into Art

Today we’ve compiled several Instagram profiles to inspire you. There’s nothing like people being amazed by the visual effects when they go into your profile.

If you make an impression, and also tell your story, they’ll click on the little FOLLOW button.  So let’s get started and you’ll have a feed worthy of a museum exhibit.


You’ve probably seen a feed in puzzle style. And you’ve probably seen one poorly done. Basically, a puzzle consists of several publications that form an image that can only be seen in profile.

Although it’s very good for new audiences, it’s a double-edged sword. Because you have to think about the people who are already following you. They see parts of images that may or may not be very attractive, or even make sense, so you run the risk that they’ll stop following you.

In addition, the interaction with this type of publication tends to be worse, and that’s very important if you want Instagram to show you to new audiences. To make matters worse, if it is a time-sensitive strategy, the publication may be displaced when you upload other content.

If you do decide to use this style, keep these things very much in mind. And it’s not as difficult as it seems, the Instagrid App makes it a lot easier.


If you want to be less of a slave to your publications, you can go for a chess profile. Here, two different styles of publications are inserted, which complement each other.

Harmonious grouping

If you are not prepared for so much commitment and dedication, you can go for a harmonious grouping. That is, each publication stands on its own and works by itself, but for the profile they work well together, creating the personality of the account. The important thing is that all your publications follow the same style, either in terms of filters, colors, content…


One of the most common profiles is based on publications that work in rows of three. Here you can insert “puzzles” or simply a series of photos, because the rows don’t have to be related to each other. One row = One story. Of course, let’s hope they don’t change the feed and put four rows!


We don’t need to say much about columns, right? The typical thing is to publish a different type of content in the middle column, which serves as a visual separation. You can also create a diagonal feed.


Do you feel limited for always using the same color? You can focus on using different colors, so that as your profile moves, different colors happen naturally. This requires a lot of planning, but the result is worth it and this way you won’t bore your followers with the same old thing.


You can also give a unique and personal touch to your publications by using frames, while differentiating yourself from other accounts.

Combining everything

Attention: Don’t try this at home without supervision from someone who is very creative and has a strong aesthetic sense.