8 Instagram algorithm myths to forget

8 Instagram algorithm myths to forget

Like the existence of crocodiles in New York, there are Instagram myths that have accompanied us for a long time, limiting our strategies and scope. It is time to say enough and send these myths to oblivion!

1 – You can buy followers at Instagram

Power, you can, but what you can’t do is fool the IG algorithm, which realizes if you’re using some fraudulent practice.

In addition, in this network the engagement rate is very important so that your publications are shown to people outside your community. Even if you have a small account with few followers, the important thing is the interaction ratio and how much time they spend consuming the content.

In addition, at SocialPubli.com we check every account to see if they have bought followers, likes or even comments.

And you know, the secret to success is… quality content.

2 – Instagram hides my publications

This is one of the most talked about algorithm myths. Instagram does not hide your posts from your followers, it simply delays them.

The feed is not organized in a completely chronological way. Sort the posts you think you’ll like the most above the rest. But you will always get to show ALL new posts from accounts you follow.

This order is based on the Instagram algorithm, which takes into account interest, novelty and relationship to the account.

3 – Instagram Companies reduces the visibility of your publications

The most widespread business myth is that if you switch from a personal account to a business account, the visibility of your publications drops.

It is an unfounded fear on Facebook, which does limit the scope of company posts, even if it inspires conversation between users. In Instagram this does not happen. What matters is that it is quality content that brings value to users.

In this post we review the advantages of having a company account, such as having statistics that really help you reach more people.

4 – Do not put 30 hashtags in Instagram

Instagram will not penalize you for using the 30 possible hashtags, or for putting them in the comments. The only problem is that it visually annoys your followers, so always use relevant hashtags.

5 – Shadowban in Instagram

Have you ever heard of shadow banning? It is a practice in which your account sees its visibility reduced, without notice of Instagram. Thus, your posts are only shown to your followers, and cannot be found via hashtags or in the ‘Explore’ section.

This was attributed to an excess of hashtags or the possible purchase of bots. However, Instagram has officially confirmed that Shadow banning does not exist, and that if publications perform poorly, it is for other reasons.

What is certain is that there are certain banned hashtags. In other words, in those hashtags, the latest publications are not shown. Here we have collected these banned hashtags.

6 – Using stories in Instagram will position you better

The algorithm will not favor you by using Instagram tools such as direct, IGTV or stories. However, if you publish in the feed and in your stories, it is natural for users to move from one site to another.

7 – Videos are more popular than photos in Instagram

Even photos aren’t more popular than videos. In this case it is not possible to generalize, because there are people who appreciate one format more than the other.

It’s time to check which one your audience likes best!

8 – You can’t get traffic on Instagram

“In the old days, the only way to get traffic was through the link added in the biography. Now there are more possibilities than ever.

First of all there are the stories with links, which have revolutionized the social network. It’s easier than ever to direct people to a new blog post or product page. And all this with the story that incites the click.

On the other hand, one of the trends of Instagram in 2019 is e-commerce. Some companies can already label their products in the photos. So, if a follower likes a handbag, in two clicks he can be in the online store.