Inteligencia artificial

Artificial Intelligence at Facebook and Google

We already told you to expect this in our post on Trends for 2017:  large companies are putting their bets on artificial intelligence in their products, in order to improve the user experience.  The big companies in Silicon Valley have their eye on the development of technologies that go far beyond what we have known up until now.  Below, we will discuss the Artificial Intelligence inventions for these technology giants which are going to be the most talked about:


  • Pixel Recursive Super Resolution of Google Brain:  This branch of the Mountain View company is improving and developing its own Artificial Intelligence.  Google has published a study showing that with just 64 initial pixels, its technology can already recreate an image in detail.  Therefore, with a small sample, you can already reconstruct the whole image.  Amazing, right?  We are sure that in the next few weeks we will hear more news about this tool.  
  • Facebook’s Lumos:  Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has revealed its latest invention. As explained in Facebook’s blog, the company has created a technology which allows for intelligent search for images on its social network.  Initially, the objective of Lumos was to make Facebook 100% accessible.  Today, this tool is helping users find images using search descriptors and, in the future, its technology will interpret the content before you see it.


Clearly, science fiction movies are nothing compared to the actual panorama offered by these technology companies.  Google and Facebook have shown us that the future is ever closer.