B2B Influencer Marketing, this is what you need to know

B2B Influencer Marketing, this is what you need to know

That Influencer Marketing is an effective strategy and that all companies should include it in their marketing plan is already a proven fact, which many of our clients at SocialPubli can confirm.

It’s already become routine to enter social media networks and see how content creators are collaborating with brands, but generally with the goal of reaching the final consumer.

However, this strategy shouldn’t only be focused on clients but also utilized to cultivate relationships between businesses estrategia. And in this case, the processes must change their focus.

Prioritize Quality

Oftentimes when it’s time to choose the influencers for our brand, we prioritize counting a wide audience in numeric terms. However, when it’s time to look for content creators to cultivate relationships with other companies, the parameters on which we focus should be centered more on the quality of the influencer.

In this sense, we must look for profiles that convey trust and have recognized prestige in the sector. You must remember that they are people who will be recommending your company.  Therefore, the fact that they were influential and credible in the business sense is fundamental.

When it’s time to choose profiles for our B2B influencer marketing strategy, we must keep in mind that following parameters: they are connected with the right people and the message is aligned with the motivations of the influencer.

If this last aspect is important for the selection of influencers for B2C, for business to business it’s critical: you must be sure that the person generating relationships with other companies has the maximum commitment to your company.

LinkedIn, the place for this type of marketing

We’re not saying anything new when we say that LinkedIn is the social network for professionals and that, for this reason, your B2B influencer marketing strategy should be on this social network.

However, it’s not the only way: you can also do it through blogs, writing as a guest contributor and fomenting networking on Twitter. But for a B2B strategy, you must also be present on LinkedIn. You can also reach out to the influencers you discover from LinkedIn via emails, which can be done with the help of outbound sales tools.

Basic advice for B2B campaigns

Even though you should change certain aspects to adopt a campaign for labor relationships, a B2B campaign should follow the same mental process whose goal is to reach customers.

In this sense,  the first thing you should do is define the objectives with clarity. Thus, you’ll be able to create a strategy aligned with your goals which functions without discrepancies. .

When it’s time to work with the influencer, you should work with them, encouraging trust and mutual collaboration in which you make them feel like part of the company with the capacity to make decisions and act with liberty on the campaign. In this sense, the moment of selection of influencers will be key, because if you choose the profiles well, it’ll be easier to work with them and give them creative freedom..

Remember that this is a person who has won the trust and credibility of their contacts on LinkedIn being true to a manner of expression and principles and for your message to land, you can’t clash with or alienate their audience. Therefore, it’s best that you permit freedom in execution.

Your B2B influencer marketing campaigns on SocialPubli

Yes, at SocialPubli we work with all social networks and thus LinkedIn wasn’t going to be left behind. Furthermore, we’ve carried out campaigns with success for B2B and we can help you if you want to connect your business with other brands.

At SocialPubli we can already tell you in advance that we are working on a guide with data about LiinkedIn in which we’ll tell you secrets about carrying out your B2B influencer marketing campaigns with success.