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Brands Will Have Even Less Visibility on Facebook

Pages with 10,000 followers and posts that barely reach 300 impressions. This is the daily bread for companies and media on Facebook. This difference in visibility will soon be accentuated and it has brands very worried.

Every hour, 1,500 posts compete to appear on the “Wall” of the users. And how does Facebook decide which one they think you will like the most? By using its complex algorithm, which is now going to promote posts that help connect people and get us closer to our friends.

That has been always their main mission. It is an ideal they want to return to, after having been protagonists of controversies such as the fake news or the supposed use of the network by Russia to help Donald Trump become president of the United States.

With more than one billion active users daily, the brands know they have to be present … but Facebook is making it difficult for them.  Facebook believes that the publications from companies occupy a space on the wall that could be dedicated to posts from friends, which make us feel better than watching a video or reading an article. Therefore, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced this week that they were going to change their algorithm to favor a more active participation by its users.

So, what matters most now is that a publication has social interaction, such as mentioning  friends, which will be well above simple clicks (more passive). Of course, beware of prompting this type of comment, because Facebook will penalize your visibility. If your page has a lot of engagement of this type, you will not see so much of a drop in impressions.


What options are there?

Organic reach has been declining in recent months and, for many companies, the only solution for their message to reach their followers was to promote their publications. The good news is that Facebook Ads offer many options to reach your target audience. The bad news is that it can tire and saturate the user, as our CEO, Ismael El-Qudsi, told the El Pais newspaper:

“More and more users complain that Facebook has become a network full of ads.  These ads are paid for by the companies that have been the architects of the significant increase in billing for Facebook in recent years. And this happens not only on Facebook but also on Instagram, where the sensation of ad oversaturation is even greater.”

The other solution is to do campaigns with micro-influencers, who will now appear more than ever on the Wall of their friends, who trust them and may have similar tastes.

They do not have as many followers as the top influencers, but if you have several of them in your campaigns, they can amplify your message with authenticity and enviable levels of interaction.

With more than 60,000 influencers on our platform, we can certainly help you amplify your message. Do not hesitate to contact us to see what we can do for you 😉