How to Create an Attractive Profile on Instagram

Your favorite Instagrammers all lead different lives. One publishes their luxury trips and shows hotels with extravagant showers. Another, on the other hand, travels with a caravan and stays at campsites far removed from the city. Another might post healthy recipes and drink de-tox smoothies. And it’s most likely that you’re following the account of a Pug dog. They all have different lives, but they have one thing in common: an attractive feed.

If you already have some followers, but you would like to multiply those by the thousands, a fundamental key is to pay special attention to the images on your feed. You have to convert your Instagram profile into a place that’s irresistible, that attracts likes, and that inspires your community. So, let’s get to work!

1- Find your own theme. You have to focus your content. Lifestyle? Inspiring landscapes? Travel? Recommendations for beauty products? Choose whatever you’re most passionate about and begin creating your posts.

2- Forget the Valencia filter. The Valencia filter and the rest of the options that Instagram offers stopped being fashionable in 2013. There are thousands of applications which we can use to make a photograph visually perfect. The app to use for this has a name which is unpronounceable but it’s going to become your best friend forever: VSCO CAM.

3- Be careful of your surroundings. You’re ready to go with the handsome guy, your pose is better than Kortajarena’s, but there is a man dragging his grocery cart in the right-hand corner of your picture …. Reject that photograph! Pay attention to the light, the framing of the picture, and the unwanted objects that get into the photograph.

4- Open a secret Instagram account for yourself. This is the real secret! Only the top Instagrammers do this and you want to be one of them. Open a private Instagram account and use it to see if the photo that you want to upload really fits visually into your feed. This is the most direct way to find out if it’s going to be appealing.

5 – Find your own style. In the world of Instagram, there are multiple feed styles. You can create your own style, letting yourself be inspired by some of the best profiles. In order for you to get some ideas, different types of feeds are shown here:






If you use these tricks, you’re going to have the most beautiful profile anywhere on Instagram.