Our daily life in GIFs

Social networks are part of our lives, both personal and professional. We have reached a point where our devices-in particular mobile phones-have become and extension of our selves, giving rise to funny situations like these we are going to show you now.

Here you will see some GIFs that illustrate our daily life on social networks, seen from the outside:

  • When we are so focused on our social networks that we cannot see further away
  • When we feel so proud of the device we have and from which we post


  • When we want to use a Trending Topic before it changes


  • “Look at my post, do not look away…”


  • When you comment everything you do on social networks…


  • We lie a bit sometimes, don’t we?


  • When we have just posted something and we wait for the reaction of people:


  • Posing for the shot


These are some situations we come across every day. They have become automatic, and we do not realize. If you stop to analyse them, you will surely see yourself in one such situation more than one, several times a day. Don’t you think?

We will post more examples soon.

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