The evolution of fashion influencers

As we had already told you, Influencers marketing has gained significant importance and one of the markets in which it has most impacted has been in fashion, where it has completely revolutionized the public’s perception, from the ‘daily outfit’ to the way we buy clothes.

The contents changed with the appearance of social networks. Fashion bloggers gradually put aside the text to start putting more photos, because people demanded a different format.

The community moved to Instagram, the platform that heads the visual content. According to our study of fashion influencers, users buy directly through the social network and 90% of our influencers have bought a product after seeing it on the platform. Although the tendency to buy directly from the applications is increasing, 50% of the influencers prefer to buy directly from the brands websites.


A few years ago, no brand wanted the hashtag #AD to appear in the publications, because they believed it would negatively impact purchases, but users on the networks assumed that one of the key values when acquiring any product was honesty.

The microblogging was established in social networks, and it no longer surprises us every time one of these “bloggers” leaves a store without stock for promoting one of its products. Today, it is no secret that influencers’ own brands are also beginning to transform the market.

For example Chiara Ferragni, Alexandra Pereira and Aida Domeneq are triumphing with their collections.

How do influencers influence us with their ‘outfits’?

The three most mentioned brands in Spain and social networks are: Zara, Adidas and Nike. This clearly shows us how the referent of people’s style is much more casual and affordable; Inditex’s star brand surpasses in popularity the luxury brands that a few years ago were in the spotlight.

Through social networks we have the possibility to find out instantly the news of our favorite brands. This has given us new opportunities when choosing, because now before buying something we look at the reviews and the score. We fully rely on the recommendations and criteria of our influencers.

Dulceida, Chiara Ferragni, Fedez, Aimee Son and Maria Pombo have even created products with the brands, as we told you in our article of the most successful alliances in product creation. In Spain more than 30% of our fashion influencers follow more than 20 brands through social networks. Instagram is the jewel in the crown. More than 87% of our Influencers are inspired by the social network. In the second and third place are Pinterest and 21 buttons, with 6.9% and 3.5%.


Most important fashion influencers

Here we talk about the influencers who succeed most on Instagram, some of them were born in the world of the blog, others are known directly as instragramers because they have not had a past writing about fashion. In any case, they are the ones that reflect the latest fashion trends in RRSS.

Natalia Cabezas

Trendy Taste fashion blogger jumped from her website to new platforms, she currently has 543 thousand followers on Instagram and 177 thousand on YouTube.


Laura Escanes

An Influencer that uses several channels: web, YouTube and Instagram to show your daily life, recently as a first-time mother. In his publications there are several recommendations of beauty products or collaborations with clothing brands.


Paula Echevarría 

The actress began collaborating with a blog in the magazine Elle, “Following the track of Paula”, thanks to this and her fame, she got many followers on Instagram, where she usually posts photos with her daily looks and talks about her blog. He has collaborated with brands such as Hawkers or Samsung.


Jessica Goicoechea

Jessica’s Instagram has focused on promoting her GOI fashion project where she opted for an ecommerce of swimsuits and sportswear, she has almost 1.1 million followers on the network.

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Paula Ordovás  

Better known as Mypeeptoes, she started talking about her tastes in fashion and ‘lifestyle’. He currently has 458 thousand followers on the social network and his project, with his own online store still unstoppable.


How have fashion bloggers changed?

Instagram appeared in 2011, since its creation it already has more than 1 billion users. The content that until then was generated, was completely adapted to the social network and began to generate unexpected trends. In a matter of 8 years he completely revolutionized the fashion industry and is very likely to continue doing so.