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Five tried ideas to increase your influence and become a leader

*This post was originally written by Jaione for Blogger Connection

Influence, according to Wikipedia, is “the power that somebody has to determine or change the way another person thinks or acts”.

That is why marketing with influencers has become so trendy.

In a setting where traditional advertising has lost most of its effectivenness, it is necessary that big brands resort to other strategies so that the public buys and chooses their products.

But how can you become influential?

I have been studying influencers during the past months and I have seen them among the fashion bloggers we helped during our project. This experience and a lot of research-I recommend Robert B. Cialdini’s bestseller Influence: The psychology of persuasion-has led me to draw some conclusions about how you can reach that desirable influence among your followers.

Therefore this post is here to share with you five really effective persuasive techniques that I have myself put to use on my project. I will provide some ideas that you can carry out yourself in your blog or social networks:


Reciprocity has to do with the fact that if you do something for somebody who did not ask you for it before, this other person will feel that he or she has to give something back. It is part of our human nature.

For example, if you have a blog you can offer a free pricey ebook to your audience in exchange for a subscription to your newsletter, like we do. If you really are what your audience is looking for or you help them solve a problem, they will be grateful, and although perhaps unconsciously, they will feel they have to give something back.

If you offer something valuable:

  1. You will position yourself as expert.
  2.  They will feel they have to give something back.

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Human beings have a great sense of community that makes us like what others like, and we tend to think-albeit many times wrongly-that what is popular is of high quality or good.

How can you take advantage of the social test to increase your audience?

If your example have a blog and have been referred to in some medium or another blog, show these public appearances on your platforms together with logos.

Include references to the brands you have worked with and pictures together with a link to their webs.

Are you attracting new subscribers? Say something like you have already over 1,000 subscribers to the blog (if that is true for you, of course). This will be greatly effective to have them join.

Here you have an example:


ejemplo blog moda



If people consider you are an expert on the field, it will be easier to have an influence on your audience. For example, it will not have the same effect if your mother tells you to have some medicine for curing a cough than if it is a doctor dressed on his or her white coat sitting on his or her office chair.

You will surely pay more attention to the doctor.

How to increase your blog’s authority and on social networks?

Citing sources for what you are talking about.

Citing opinion leaders of your sector, their research, books, conclusions.

As I said at the beginning of the post, I have applied these techniques based not only on my experience but also doing research and learning from global leaders about the corresponding topics. Do you not think that the credibility of these techniques is higher?

If there are scientific studies proving what you are saying, mention them. We tend to believe that scientific knowledge comes from highly qualified people, and thus we trust them more. Have a look at the advertisements of the kind ‘9 in 10 experts recommend this’ or ‘An independent study proves that brushing your teeth three times a day increases the whiteness of your teeth by 10%’.

This is a way to use authority.


In order to become influential, people have to like you.

You may be an expert on the topic, but if I do not like you, I will not pay much attention.

The emotional aspect is very important when persuading.


How can I have people to like me? Show yourself the way you are.

Provoke a reaction on him or her. If I never have an opinion about anything nobody will reject me, but nobody will feel anyhing for me either.

Communicate in the same way you would do on the street. Add a personal picture in your blog and social networks where they can see you well. Express your opinion even for controverted topics…

Including personal stories to your blog can also help people see themselves reflected upon you and connect.

We ourselves also talked about our failures, difficulties and the achievements in our project.. And also about some other intimate details about ourselves.

If you open up yourself you will connect with some people. With others you will not, but that is ok – what you want is a real and consistent audience.

On the other hand, never forget replying to your followers on your social networks and blogs in a friendly manner. It is very important that people like you!



People like what is scarce and exclusive.

In our case, when we started a promotion with a countdown or a service for a limited number of people, we have demonstrated how it arouses the audience’s feeling of desire.

Make use of this technique yourself.

Stay in focus

An influencer ALWAYS has to add value. Help your readers and followers when they have trouble or show an interest, so make honest recommendations.

Using these 5 persuasion techniques-reciprocity, social test, authority, having people to like you and scarcity-will help you with time increase your authority and influence on your blog or social networks.

Last of all, if you liked this post and you think that it can inspire others, please share it on social networks. Thank you!

*This post was written by Jaione from Blogger Connection


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