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How to Be A YouTuber in 635 Easy Steps

To be YouTuber, here’s the steps you need to take:

Step 1 – Get the materials needed for your work.

Step 2 – Create quality content.

Steps 3 to 633 – Patience and perseverance.

But since this post would be very short with just this, we’ll expand here on the first two steps of How to Be A YouTuber.  Because the rest depends solely on you.

Materials needed to be a Youtuber


Of course, the first thing you need to have is a good camera. How good? That depends on your budget, because there will always be one that’s better.

If you’re just starting out, your mobile phone will work as long as you can record at more than 720p. You don’t need a big camera, but you can certainly find a professional used one at a good price. When you start looking, keep in mind what you’re going to use it for (is it going to be for vlogs or trips), whether you’ll need a tripod, or if you want it to have a screen so you can see yourself while you’re recording.


It may be that the microphone on your camera will work …. but it’s very possible that you won’t get optimal results. A good sound quality is very important so that your viewers don’t run the other way.


This is something that many YouTubers forget.  However, if you’re not careful, everything can look amateurish. The best light is natural light but course this depends on the time of day.  Therefore, it’s advisable to invest in a good light box or diffuser.

Editing program

The time has finally come to put together the video, which is where most of your time will be spent. Most editing programs are expensive, but if you have a Mac, you can use the iMovie program for free. In the case of Windows, Camtasia is inexpensive.

However, we recommend asking your friends or the YouTubers that you respect about this, so you’ll have their perspective. In the end, it’s a matter of whose opinion you trust the most.

Your YouTube channel

First Steps

First of all, you have to be very clear about your target audience.  You need to research other channels, so you’ll know what’s being done and what works. This doesn’t mean that you should copy them. If you do the same thing as everybody else, why would anyone follow you? You need to identify something special that makes you unique and that will make you successful on YouTube. Of course, keep in mind that you have to be authentic and do what you’re really passionate about, because people can tell the difference.

Being a YouTuber is like having another job, so you have to be consistent and establish a calendar. That way, people will know that every Thursday you will upload a new video.

Your channel

As you know, there are many YouTubers. Don’t see them as competitors, but as opportunities to collaborate and get more subscribers.

It’s not enough to just upload videos. You also need to take care of your channel. Create playlists, have a good header, a description, and add links to your other social media networks. It’s also important to create a featured video that briefly shows who you are and what you do. It’s the first impression that many people will have of you, and you need to make sure it’s not the last.


It is very important that you interact with your community by replying to their messages and comments. That way, your community will continue to grow in quantity and quality.

You also need to be present on other social media networks to order to continue interacting and showing other sides of yourself. In addition, these  can serve as places which will bring traffic to your YouTube videos.


Until you get a considerable number of monthly visits, you can’t receive any income through YouTube.  And one that’s successful, there are 300 that were not.  So you often have to look for another source of income as an influencer or micro-influencer.

At you can register, link your social media networks and wait for us to send you advertiser campaigns that fit your profile, which  you can share on your social media networks. It may be a re-tweet, an Instagram contest or even a video about products.

Extra tip: Don’t keep reminding people to subscribe to your YouTube video

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