How to get a stellar profile on LinkedIn

How to get a stellar profile on LinkedIn

In SocialPubli we have been letting you know for weeks how important it is to optimize your profile on different social networks. For now, we have talked about InstagramTwitter and Facebook. However, LinkedIn is probably the most important social network to optimize our profile.

The importance of having a good image on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the social network of workers, labor relations and one of the places we go to when we are actively seeking employment. Simply for this reason it is essential that we take good care of every detail of what we publish on this social network.

 But beyond giving a good image of professionalism, it is important to take care of the details to have a stellar profile.

As you may already know, LinkedIn classifies profiles according to their strength and based on this, establishes levels. The higher the level in which LinkedIn fits you, the better your positioning. Once you get a LinkedIn stellar profile, you may become a Linkedin Influencer and make money by joining our LinkedIn Influencers Campaigns.

How to get a stellar profile on LinkedIn

As usual, we will start with the profile and cover photo. The first thing you should know is that you can communicate with those tools. The profile picture must be professional. A white background or a neutral color is recommended and you should be professional as well as close. Although it sounds frivolous, the clothing is important, remember that everything speaks of us and you better wear formal clothes for this occasion.

Take advantage of your cover photo to define yourself with it. Use a creativity in which you summarize what you do, what your strengths are. If you are going to opt for this option, use your keywords here, which will be very important when completing the profile in the future. You can also take advantage of this space to place an image in which you are seen working, giving a lecture, a class, any photograph that supports your professional facet.

Another key and basic factor on LinkedIn is URL customization. It will speak highly of you. If someone visits your profile, instead of appearing a set of meaningless numbers in the URL, your name will appear next to the keyword that defines your profession.

The keywords

When an employer or human resources manager of a company is looking for a profile to add to the template, he will use the keywords for the position they are selecting. That’s why you have to choose very carefully how to position yourself and use these words as many times as possible: in your job titles, in job descriptions, in professional achievements or in training.

Don’t forget to use your keyword in the extract. It may seem unimportant, but it is another thing that users will see about you. They will not only look at what you have done, but also how you define yourself on this social network. Do your best in this section and create something that highlights your image in the workplace.

Complete all the sections adding the keywords, but without forgetting to value your work. With this, we mean that you must complete your work experiences with links, photographs or documents that value your work.

Don’t forget to update the profile. It is not enough to have the basic aspects, it is another task of your day to day keeping it updated. For this you can share your own job reflections, articles that may be interesting for your network or a job offer that can help someone find a job. The post frequency recommended in this social network is 1 or 2 publications per week.

The social network of networking

Whether you have a job or not, you must make contacts on LinkedIn. It is one of the most important functionalities in this social network and we must take advantage of it. The minimum number of contacts you have to aspire to is 501, so the +500 will appear, which will also help you stand out. Also, if 500 people see your posts and notice that your profile is working and that it may be interesting to incorporate it into their companies in case of a vacancy, you may have a better chance of finding a job.

Do not forget to add ex-partners, ex-bosses or ex-workmates or studies to the network and ask them for recommendations and validations of your skills. When someone wants to hire you, they will look not only at what you say about yourself, but at what those who know you say. On LinkedIn you must take care of everything.

In addition, understand that the way of acting in this network  must be “you give me, I give you”, so you also need to validate the skills of your contacts.

Do not forget, from time to time, to share interesting and valuable content generated by your network of contacts. This is important since in the future your contacts will also consider reacting to your publications and sharing them.

Choose your skills well

It may sound exaggerated, but LinkedIn only offers to add up to a maximum of 50 skills, which may seem enough, but if you want to demonstrate everything you know, you must choose well and prioritize those that will position you better and may be more important to recruiters.

In this sense, you should also try to complete the 50 skills so that those who see your profile think that you are a very capable person for any job related to your specialty.

The last advice in this regard is that you ask your most trusted contacts to validate your skills that you consider most important for a job.

 Once all these tips have been applied and when you periodically update your profile on LinkedIn, you can check the ranking and visibility of it on this link. With that, you will see how you are doing on the social network of professionals.