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How to Get Real Followers on Instagram

One of the biggest obsessions of influencers is getting a lot of followers on Instagram.  Sometimes Instagrammers decide to take the easy way out and buy followers.   Other times, they use a strategy of “follow for follow” and “like for like”.  That means they share LIKES all over the place without paying any attention to who they doing this with, just so the other user will visit their profile and give them some likes in return.    These techniques have a downside and can make the engagement rate plummet like a stone.  Below are some tips to get real followers on Instagram!

Create interesting content.   It’s really important to offer our followers quality publications.  Achieving an attractive profile on Instagram is a process which takes time, but which is fundamental for getting real followers on Instagram and standing out among the crowd on social media.

Add the location to your publications.  If you’re on a trip, we recommend you indicate the exact location of the places you’re visiting, so that you’ll show up on the search engines for geolocation.  For example, before trying a new restaurant, it’s very common for people to do a search on Instagram for people who’ve already eaten there.  This is an effective way for you to become known to new followers.  And, if you have your location on Insta-stories, it’s more than likely that Instagram will add your stories to the history of that place.

Be a participant on Instagram.  Interacting with other accounts will let you become known on new profiles.  But you have to use good judgement when you do this.

Use appropriate hashtags.  Hashtags like #love, #friends, and #food, are very popular on the Internet.  But if you use them for your own publications, they’ll get lost among the thousands of photos.  The best thing to do is focus on hashtags which are specific to your content.

Maintain your account in public mode.  Get rid of the privacy lock on your Instagram account.  Doing this is basic.  We have to make things easy for our future followers.

Don’t forget about descriptions for the photos.  The footers on photos are equally as important as the photos and videos themselves.  Take advantage of these to tell a story which will accompany the image.

Know your followers.  Find out the best times to post your images.

What’s most important if you want to attract quality followers and create a community on Instagram is to try different things and find what works best for you.