Influencer marketing: How to work to influence in a worldwide crisis?

Influencer marketing: How to work to influence in a worldwide crisis?

Influencers are the new faces of businesses around the world since they have the power to get their audiences engaged and aware of what they are promoting. And as it may sound easy, being an influencer it’s a huge challenge.

Right now, brands face a new obstacle, to communicate their messages while a worldwide lockdown is present. While influencers have a new opportunity to start and keep working with brands. 

Traditional advertisement has become less effective in tracking leads while consumers like to feel confident about the product or service they are buying. Influencers, on the other hand, make you feel like you are talking to an old friend that you trust. Around 40% of people reported that they purchased a product online after watching a review of an influencer. 

What is the panorama for brands that want to influence their consumers while everything is shut down?

At the moment, as the COVID-19 sweeps the globe, brands are working with influencers to keep creating content. With agencies temporarily shut down, brands look for different tools to keep their communications going. And Social media has been the ally for brands during this world crisis.  

Brands that did not use to work with influencers before, are working now with them, and they are starting to feel pleased with the short-term results they are getting. Influencers are content creators and businesses are figuring out not only how creative is the advertisement created by influencers, but also the high-quality content they can create with little budget. 

Influencer marketing: How to work to influence in a worldwide crisis?

Influencer marketing is an investment. However, it is not as expensive as other types of advertisements. Luckily, the impact of this type of marketing has been measured; and statistics prove that influencer marketing is a worthwhile monetary and time investment. For businesses that want to know how to work to influence, they must start thinking in working hand to hand with the influencer community

Marketing and content creators are adjusting to the fast changes’ markets are experimenting, and they are adapting in the best way. This transition is changing the communication as we know it, showing us that content created by influencers engage consumers more organically and naturally. During the COVID-19 pandemic marketing agencies have been able to see how influencers are changing their communications in a more consumer-direct way. 

Influencers do not only increase brand awareness, but also build a large and strong community and brand reputation in the particular target your brand is connecting with. In SocialPubli we see this type of communication as one of the most effective in the market now and we encourage businesses around the world to implement it to start seeing amazing results.

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