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3 Influencer Marketing Myths That Need To Be Left Behind

Influencer marketing has evolved and is now one of the biggest sources of investment in online marketing. In spite of this, there are several myths and misconceptions about the world of influencers that need to be relegated to the past.

1 – The bigger, the better

Influence does not depend on the number of followers, but rather on the quality of the followers. That is to say, the followers and fans must trust the influencer and what they say. For us, quality influencer marketing is based on communities of people who voluntarily follow influencers and believe in their message.

That is why we specialize in micro-influencers, users with fewer than 10,000 followers who have a loyal community they interact with and which is often made up of their friends and other people they know. This is reflected in the engagement rates for their publications.

To achieve a good ROI in your campaigns, you should look at the influencers’ engagement rate, which is the most important number to use when calculating actual influence. To give you an idea of ​​how the interaction changes according to the number of followers, in Markerly they prepared the following table:

2 – You can’t avoid fake followers

The purchase of fake followers is the order of the day, and it’s a reality that affects all the social networks. So how can you fight against this?

First of all, we verify the accounts of the users who register with us. If we see something fraudulent we can ban that influencer. We also receive automatic notices if an influencer suddenly gets a lot of followers all at once. Sometimes, the increase may be caused by contests, so we also check these cases individually.

Additionally, it’s the engagement rate that’s the key to whether an influencer participates in campaigns. The higher the engagement rate, the sooner that influencer is notified. What that means is that the more followers who are real people and who interact with the influencer, the more campaigns that influencer will receive.

3 – Influencer marketing only works for fashion

While fashion is one of the biggest generators of business, there are also niche influencers in wide variety of fields. If users are interested in something, influencers in that field will appear. In the end, what we all want to do is to connect with other real people.

For example, do you sell fishing products? No problem. There are niche communities that may be interested in your product. To attract their interest, we need to let the influencer share your message in their own words, giving the message their unique touch of authenticity. If you like the results, in you can save the influencers under “My brand ambassadors”, and use only those influencers in your future campaigns.

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