Lifestage, the new app by Facebook for people under 21

Facebook has launched a new app targeted to youngsters. Its name is Lifestage, and it aims to attract young users that are becoming regular users of apps like Snapchat.

Lifestage is different to other instant messaging apps in various ways. First of all, its target are young people under 21. To create an account, you have to sign up entering your birthdate: you cannot create an account if you are over 21, but you can still enter a fake date.

Another differentiating element is that you cannot actually write anything: conversations and moments can only be recorded on video. Let’s make this clear: if you want to tell anybody how much fun you had during your past holidays, you have to record yourself on video talking about it. No writing allowed!

Moreover, your funny videos can include different effects and stickers. And to make your app even more complete, you can always share your videos on your social network profiles such as Facebook or Instagram. Your followers will then decide whether to like or dislike your videos.

This app has another special feature: it includes a list of schools, which means that for anybody joining the platform, there have to be at least 20 users from their school.

Tailored by its creator

The application has been developed by Michael Sayman, a 19-year-old boy who is already part of Facebook’s workforce. He is the one in charge of ecouraging users to dance, build houses and tell things on the application.

We bet that you are dying to try out this app. Bad news, unfortunately: at the moment it is only available on the US for iPhone devices. We will have to wait to use it in Europe.