Novedades en Instagram

News on Instagram: all the changes that have come

The coronavirus crisis has revolutionized our whole lives and Instagram was not going to be exempt from changes. Many of them have been perceived by all users, others have only been noticed by experts and in SocialPubli we also tell you what is to come

Make more money with Instagram … how?

Until now, the income that influencers received from Instagram came indirectly, that is: through participation in campaigns on this social network. However, Instagram has been working to make influencers to get money on its platform without needing to work with brands.

 In this sense, one of the novelties that the social network has announced is the arrival of the ads on IGTV. Something that was already on the table last summer but that did not materialize as the audience for these contents was not massive. However, a year later and after the boom in these videos during quarantine, the company of Mark Zuckerberg has decided that it is time to put this novelty into action. For now, testing has begun in the United States.

 Another of the formats in which Instagram will allow you to monetize will be the direct ones on the platform. Monetization in this sense will be done through “badges” and users will thus reward content creators. Throughout the live show, fans will be able to “buy” hearts and send them to the influencers: the heart and the money.

News in stories

Although this has been something that most of us have perceived on our Instagram, the social network has wanted to support one of the groups that have suffered the most from this crisis and has done so through stickers in the stories.

Thus we have found stickers of the applause as a thank you or the mythical “at home”.

 But this does not end here, later, Instagram allowed to add stickers to thank local businesses and small businesses, as well as to recommend them and to buy gift cards through the application.

In addition, it has added new fonts and changed the text editing formats on the platform, simplifying the process a bit.

More news on Instagram

One of the most popular news on Instagram in recent months has been the possibility of saving your live shows as IGTV, thus giving the opportunity for followers to see them beyond 24 hours. This allows you to give a new life to the content and to be able to leave it permanent in your profile if you wish.

However, Instagram has yet to work on this since there are many users who have claimed not to be able to view this content.

Finally, one of the novelties that Instagram works on and that can mean a revolution in what we know about this social network. As you may well know, Instagram allows you to add links in the photos’ copies, but nevertheless these are shown as plain text and do not allow you to click on them and redirect them to the page. Well, now Instagram is working in this regard and will do so by allowing you to include purchase tags in the caption that leads to the landing where you can buy the product.

With all these news, we can affirm that Instagram does not want to be left behind and that it constantly works to be one of the most complete and best-rated applications among users.