Instagram marketing for restaurants. Learn from The Best!

Don’t know where to go for dinner tonight? Visiting a new city and you want to try the best restaurants? Instagram is where you’ll find answers to these questions. Instagram has become the quintessential guide for foodie inspiration. That’s why, if you have a business in gastronomy, you need to be present on this platform and develop a good marketing strategy in order for diners to find your restaurant!

The motion of taking photos of food before eating it is already a common sight in restaurants and seems it has become a ritual to whet the appetite. Food bloggers are always looking for the most original and Instagrammable dishes to post on their socials. Hence, if you’re a restaurant owner, influencer marketing on Instagram is the perfect solution to gain visibility and make your restaurant famous.

Here’s a list of the 5 best restaurant accounts on Instagram. Look through our selection of favorite restaurants for inspiration or simply drool over the yummy pictures on your screen.


Honest Greens (Madrid and Barcelona)

If you like the combination of healthy and tasty food, this is your spot! Honest Greens is committed to seasonal, fresh, unprocessed and additive-free products. If we dive a little into their Instagram account, we can find various dishes that are carefully presented and begging to be photographed (then eaten, of course). Another strong point of their Instagram is showing the team behind the bar and the kitchen, as it helps to humanize the brand, generating trust and good vibes.


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Goiko (Spain)

Warning: if you still have a few hours left until lunch, don’t go to Goiko’s Instagram account. On their Instagram, you will see all angles and high quality photos of burgers. With 519k followers, it’s one of the most prominent restaurant accounts on Instagram. From their bio, they invite you to use the hashtag #goiko when you post any of their burgers on Instagram, and this way, the users themselves reinforce the branding, a super successful strategy! Undoubtedly, the photos are their strong point, but they also carry out lots of giveaways and contests, thus generating a high level of interaction with users.


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Bastard Coffee & Kitchen (Valencia)

This place, halfway between a cafe and a restaurant, fuses the Mediterranean diet with the best dishes from the USA. At Bastard Coffee you can enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch or a snack. For Valencians looking for the most instagrammable food to post, this is your place. Their Instagram account serves as a showcase for their menu and also to communicate news, such as the introduction of new dishes on their menu, delivery options, changes in opening hours, etc. In addition, through Stories, they share content from users and the day-to-day life of the restaurant.

Lara Grill (Madrid y Barcelona)

Lara Grill is famous because all their dishes fit perfectly within the Food Porn movement. So be prepared to have your mouth water as you scroll through their Instagram posts. Their most impressive items are, without a doubt, their giant milkshakes. You can choose the base you like the most and top it off with a piece of cake or a waffle. Yes you heard right: cake on top of a milkshake! There’s nothing that could go wrong with that. One of their most prominent strategies on Instagram is to post images of influencers with the famous milkshakes when they visit one of their locations.


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Superchulo (Madrid)

The concept of Superchulo is a fusion between health and optimism applied to the table and life in general. Their dishes are made with natural ingredients and also sustainable. It takes into consideration the well-being of ourselves and the environment. Their Instagram shows this combination between good food and sustainability very well, through a very carefully curated feed that looks like an explosion of colors. We highlight the creation of valuable content with video recipes or tips on leading a more sustainable life. This helps attract a target audience that’s interested in nutrition and sustainable development.


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Now you know how restaurants can use Instagram to gain visibility on the platform and turn your followers into potential customers. You just have to follow some key rules such as uploading quality images, using the right hashtags, humanizing your brand and, most importantly, generating lots of interaction with users by providing them with valuable content to get engagement. Unleash your creativity and start conquering the most instagrammable palates.