Snapchat, the new phenomenon for brands

When I say Snapchat, what comes to your mind? It is without doubt the social network of our times. It is the current juvenile fever and we are all joining it nonstop, because it is so addicting!

Therefore, brands are joining this phenomenon that leaves no one unmoved. Do you want to know more about it? We tell you right away.

What is it?

Snapchat is an instant messaging app to send pictures, video or text. So far nothing new, it is quite similar to Instagram or Facebook.

Now here comes the news: the files you send have a set duration which you can choose, from 1 second up to 10.

The files can only we viewed in a lapse of 24 hours. After this, the file will self-destruct. It is like movie stuff! Is it not?

How does it work?

Although you may find it surreal at first, Snapchat is very easy to use, and in a brief time you will become and expert. First of all, it is presented in three screens.

The first screen is for contacts, where you can send messages, pictures or videos to somebody, like a chat. When you leave the chat, the messages vanish.

The main screen is for taking pictures and recording video. You can also add filters, messages, emojis and how long you want the file to last.

Once you have created the picture or video, choose whether you want to show it to all your contacts or only the ones you choose.

You can make videos with filters, something that celebrities love. You can turn into a koala or an extra-terrestrial! You can also extend the videos duration up to 60 seconds.

The third screen is for stories, where you can see what your contacts have uploaded. But be quick! In 24 hours it will vanish.

You will also find the Discover section, where you can see the top videos of the most popular brands.

Advantages of Snapchat for brands

A good way to reach the younger ones is with Snapchat. They are all the day using it! Therefore, more and more brands use this social network.

  • Snapchat is Any brand can share news quickly with a click, and users will see it when it is published. You can keep your client informed about what you are doing in that very moment.
  • The content is completely original. A crucial feature of Snapchat is, without doubt, originality and fun. This option is the strongest one to attract anybody, and you will outshine others.
  • Another advantage of this app is that you can use it to answer quickly and concisely to any client, with a close relationship that is not always easy to achieve.
  • You can also offer exclusive content to your Snapchat followers, like special offers or exciting presents. We are sure that this way they will be all day following your account!

Snapchat is for sure a revolution, and everybody keeps talking about it. Are you going to lag behind?