Social Media Day. Do you get the most out of it?

Social Media Day. Do you get the most out of it?

We are in 2020, and everyone is on social media. The presence on these networks has become a basic element for all facets of our life: from the smize on Instagram, to our most professional version on LinkedIn, and, of course, entertainment and laughter on TikTok.

Today we all have at least one profile on social networks but… do we really use them well?

Everything Instagram can offer you

Since its birth, Instagram has been the quintessential photography social network. Its main use is to show our best images, whatever they are, but with the aim of impressing our followers. However, this is not the only thing we can do on this social network since it has many more features that help us achieve our goals.

Humanizing the brand, in the case of a company, or generating trust, when it comes to a personal profile, is one of the most successful actions Instagram has. It can be through the same photos or in the stories.

This is very simple: you can do it by telling your followers your day to day through the stories, narrating the history of your business, or contacting curiosities about yourself. Humanizing your company or generating trust with your followers will give you more credibility when it comes to selling your products or promoting those of the brands that want to collaborate with you.

Facebook, let others talk about you

One of the main advantages of Facebook – and that is not usually exploited much by brands and content creators – is the recommendation marketing. We are talking about the reviews.

Think of yourself: when you go to buy a product or contract services. One of the first things we usually do is look at the reviews. Well, you must think that your potential customers will do the same with your brand.

Therefore, it is important that you take good care of this section and that you do everything possible so that what customers say about you is good. And the first step is to offer a good service.

Another of the important advantages of Facebook is its segmentation capacity, which is very extensive and, above all, its metrics. By working well with the latter, you will be able to discover your strengths, what your audience likes, and grow based on this.

Twitter, much more than memes and news

When Twitter is mentioned to us, the first thing that comes to mind is virality and immediacy. Perhaps that is why, in this social network we mainly find memes, news and user opinions about the day to day: the latest controversy, curious news, the last movie they have seen. Everything has a place in the 280 characters that a tweet allows.

However, we can get even more out of it. One of the groups of content creators that can use Twitter the most beneficial is bloggers. As you well know, the bird’s social network allows you to include clickable links in the messages you post. Therefore, a good tweet, with the appropriate hashtags and different elements that we tell you about in this blog post, can greatly encourage traffic to the web.

 And once you have a user on your website, the possibilities appear that this is a potential customer.

In addition, Twitter also allows networking. Either through ‘raffle’ mentioning users that may be interesting for your brand or business, so that they do the same, or establishing relationships with them through tweets.

Have you thought about your workers as influencers?

If you have already done so, you will know which is the perfect social network for this type of marketing. If not yet, we will reveal the secret. It’s about LinkedIn.

Although we think of it as the professional social network, in which to look for jobs, it works for your workers so that they are ambassadors of your brand. No one like them will know the company better and if they speak well of it, in a sincere way, it can be very beneficial for your brand since it will give you visibility.

Also, don’t forget to promote B2B on this social network, establishing relationships with company pages that are related to yours without being in direct competition. You can also participate in industry groups.

In this social network it is more important than in any other to have the optimized profile, both on the page and that of your employees.

Are there more social networks that can bring me benefits?

The answer is yes! The four best-known social networks are not the only ones you can take advantage of. In fact, they shouldn’t be.

Another one that you should not neglect is Google My Business. Its main functionality is local positioning and recommendations. Two basic things that, if you work well, can bring you great benefits. And we are not only talking about what refers to social networks, also economic. If your company is, for example, a restaurant, Google My Business should be key in your strategy.

At TikTok, above all, we recommend you go to influencer marketing or propose challenges to users. If you create an interesting choreography or a fun sound and challenge your followers to replicate it, your brand can get a lot of notoriety. Think that it is this social network where the youngest people is today.

These are just a few recommendations. You must choose, as you already know, the one that is most beneficial for your company and includes it in your strategy. A good use of social networks can be converted into good economic results.