Socialpubli will also moderate your campaigns on Instagram Stories

Socialpubli will also moderate your campaigns on Instagram Stories

As you may know, one of the main characteristics of SocialPubli that makes us feel proud of our work is BrandSafety, that is that we moderate the messages influencers are going to publish in the campaigns in order to verify that it respects 100% the brand briefing. Thus, we ensure that the published post cannot lead to error or confusion.

Socialpubli’s moderation reaches Instagram Stories

Until now, as you may now, SocialPubli could moderate posts on Instagram and on Facebook of the campaigns before being uploaded by the influencers into their networks. However, we were aware that there was a deficiency since we could not moderate the messages the influencers were posting on their Instagram stories

In recent months, Instagram stories have become one of the most popular ways to advertise. The naturalness of seeing the influencer explain a product, share their experience with their followers and expand on it is one of the best formats when it comes to influencer marketing today. 

That is why, we understood that within our Brand Safety philosophy we should include this format to ensure that brands could have more control over the message that influencers publish in Socialpubli campaigns

How does this moderation work?

As you may already know, once you start a campaign in SocialPubli, we contact the influencers and offer them to participate in a campaign, explaining them what it is about and what they should do. In the Instagram stories case, we ask them, before uploading it and sharing it with their audience, to upload it in our platform so we can verify that the message matches with the one agreed with the brand in order to ensure that at no time can lead to confusion or error, thus, complying with the BrandSafety. 

Once approved by the SocialPubli team, the influencer may share the story in his Instagram profile. Then, we obtain the statistics of the story and we can share it with the brand. With this verification or moderation process, SocialPubli intends to improve the quality of our client’s campaigns

We have an extense experience in this sector and we know which are the best-selling messages and we try to moderate them by making them more effective at the promotion level.

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