marketing en navidad

Start your own Christmas marketing campaign

Christmas is almost here. Adapting your Christmas marketing campaign crucial to boost sales in your product line. For most companies, Christmas is an overwhelmingly profitable period where sales volume increases remarkably.

To make the most out of this strategy, read these tips 😉

Starting a marketing campaign

First of all, you have to analyse your strengths and weaknesses. You have to have your competition always in mind, as well as their actions on this time of the year, including what they have done in the past. Analyse their weaknesses and incorporate them as strengths.

The days prior to the key dates normally see a leap in sales. You can focus your strategy on those days, publicizing your promotions and actions to encourage sales.

Another path your can follow for your Christmas strategy is creating events for your clients. These period of the year is great because many people have holidays, and you can reward your customers doing something different in your company. Set realistic goals and invest some budget on marketing.

Packing is also very important. Customize it with a Christmas theme, e.g. using Christmas colours.

Do not forget your digital environments

Adapt your webpage to Christmas, editing images with a Christmas atmosphere. You can also arrange discounts and promotions for online customers only. This will help you make them loyal and more aware of your webpages.

Social networks also play a key role here. With a call to action you can pose a question and suggest actions that focus on purchases. Make cute Christmas pictures that people can share on their social networks. This will help you reach more people.

Make a publishing calendar for these days with content that is sales-oriented. If you are managing the networks yourself, programme the content with tools like Hootsuite so that you can focus all your attention on monitoring and replying customer’s requests.

Do not forget to include e-mail marketing on your publishing calendar. Set dates for sending your newsletter and establishing how you want to lead subscribers towards your promotions. Make them aware of all your promotions and business events.

Although there is no magic trick to sell more, we can say that these tips may help you increase sales 😉