The statistics of your Instagram posts campaigns, now available in SocialPubli

The statistics of your Instagram posts campaigns, now available in SocialPubli

Excellent news on March for SocialPubli, since we have gained access to the Instagram posts statistics that are part of the campaigns we carry out through our platform. 

Which statistics do we offer in SocialPubli?

At SocialPubli we always try to choose the best influencers to carry out the campaigns we are developing with brands. In this process we include many variants: for example, if it’s a makeup brand, we look for beauty or make-up influencers and we ensure that they have a good engagement ratio, etc. 

With this tool we guarantee that the advertiser has a full control of its campaign and we also offer him the statistics obtained in each campaign. 

Until now, we only had access to the actual scope statistics of Instagram stories and Facebook posts. But now, with the latest SocialPubli tool, we also have access to the statistics of our campaigns reach through Instagram posts, thus offering the brand a better control before and after publishing the content. Of course, this data is obtained under the influencer’s permission. 

We cover a wide spectrum of Social Networks

 It is undeniable that the most popular social network to launch the vast majority of campaigns today is Instagram and with this new tool we can now obtain statistics on everything that can be done within this social network at the promotional level

If you decide to use stories for your campaign, we can offer you statistics of their real scope, that means, that we can tell you how many people exactly have seen that promotion. The novelty at this moment is that we can also do it with your Instagram posts. Whether your promotion is in image or video format, we will tell you how many users your publication has reached

Thus, complementing the statistics we have already obtained from Facebook, we cover a wide spectrum of control over the campaigns we carry throughout the most important marketing social networks used by influencers nowadays.